The Repeat Requester

So…it happened again. Crazy lady sent my husband yet another friend request on Facebook.

When JB first got on FB, everybody and their brother added him as a friend, and for the most part, he added everyone of them back. At one point, the man who called Facebook “stupid” and a “waste of time” had amassed somewhere in the neighborhood of 400+ friends.  He wasn’t especially choosy in who he accepted requests from in those days, and this woman, her brother, and her husband were among his FB friends.

For reasons I’m not getting into here, this made me highly uncomfortable. I could have been wrong, but to me it almost felt like people were keeping tabs on me through him. For a long time, I didn’t say anything to him about those particular friends. Then I finally got to the inevitable point when I just blurted out, “Why the heck do you have THEM on your friends list??” A few days later, he had deleted all three of them. That’s been maybe 7 months ago, and the only reason I know that is because I remember sitting on the arm of his recliner in the living room of our old house talking to him about it.

Since then, that chick has sent him six friend requests.


I’m dead serious.

We passed the point of freakin’ ridiculous about four requests ago, people.

At one point do you stop and think, “Hey, obviously this guy doesn’t want to be my FB friend!” I would think after the first couple times, a person might notice that someone never showed up in their friend list, and it no longer says ‘awaiting friend confirmation’ when you click over to their profile. Honestly, it has never occurred to me to send a second  request to anyone. Not that I’ve ever had to, because well, people like me. 😉 HA.

We have many mutual friends with this woman and her family. In fact, she’s pretty good friends with one of my very good friends. I have never downed her to this friend, never talked hateful or gossiped about her, or anything like that. That friend was trying to help me out, and suggested my jewelry store fan page to several of her friends, and guess who was one of those people? Yep, you guessed it, Crazy Repeat Requester. I almost fell out when I saw her on there, but then I kept telling myself she probably didn’t know it was my page…because at the time there wasn’t much on there to say who I was. I left it alone for a few weeks, but realized that I had yet to put my name or email on there because I didn’t want her knowing that stuff. So yesterday, I figured out how to remove her from the fan page. I breathed a little easier.

Less than two hours later, JB and I were sitting in the living room, watching TV and playing on the computer. I heard him quietly say, “No way.” I craned my head around until I could see that he was on Facebook, and asked what was wrong. He didn’t say anything at first, and then I knew she had sent him a request again. Something just told me she had. I have no idea if it is a coincidence that her latest request came to light soon after I removed her from my fan page, because he doesn’t know exactly what time she sent it.

I really think he was hesitant to tell me about it. The last time, which was just a few weeks ago, he had already clicked ignore on her before I got to his laptop…I was ready to go all crazy white girl on her butt. In my temper tantrum, I told him he’d better tell me if she does it again, because I was going off on her. He reminded me that doing that wouldn’t solve any problems and would only cause past problems to resurface. I hate it when he’s the voice of reason, especially when I’m in one of my rages.

If I had to guess, I would say that only JB and my brother even know that I have an issue with her. Really and truly, I didn’t have any issues with her until she started this mess. I have to wonder if she is really this clueless, or if she’s doing this for a reason. Whatever the case, it needs to stop!

Once again, he automatically clicked ignore last night. Before I could get to his computer, snatch it away, and angrily bang out a nasty message to her, naturally. The man knows me well. So I sat here and fumed about it silently.

And then I remembered it. I’d seen it a few days ago when I was nosing around in my privacy settings, making sure certain people couldn’t see my profile and all. You know, all the privacy issues in the news lately…why give stalkers leverage?

What was IT? The block list, bay-bee. In all my years of being on Facebook, I have never had to use it…but I made  sure to figure it out last night. I even looked her up so I could make sure he spelled her name right.

That’s right, honey. You have been blocked. So if you have something to say to him, you’re gonna have to say it to me…because you can’t get to him now.


3 thoughts on “The Repeat Requester

  1. Oh! Haha! Thank you FB block user feature!! Luckily I don’t get to use that yet. But I’m itching to block someone, just afraid she might know I did.. weird no? Haha!

    I’m from FMBT and just followed you back. A little late but better than never. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back if you will. But I sure will do here 😛
    .-= im no miss´s last blog ..Going green and some trivia…- oh, never mind! =-.

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