It just got interesting.

Earlier this evening, I was sitting in the living room, woe is me-ing because I can’t get rid of this stinkin’ head cold…JB and the kids were out back, and JB was putting the salt in the pool water.

Then suddenly, the door flew open, and the kids were running in yelling at me to call 911.

JB had told them to tell me there was a wreck down the road and call 911…only they skipped the wreck part and had me panicking that something had happened to JB. I grabbed the phone, started punching in the numbers, and ran out the door (barefooted, by the way.) I saw JB sprinting off down the road, so then I realized it wasn’t him…and then I saw the truck flipped over in the ditch near the  next turn off road.

I got the 911 operator on the phone and told her where to send the ambulance. I couldn’t leave, though, because the kids were standing in the front yard. The guy that lives across the street from us is a fireman/EMT, so I went to get him. While I was there, I turned and saw a man walking across the street. I only saw his back, and that he was wearing what looked like dark blue work clothes…and I certainly don’t claim to know everybody living in this neighborhood so he didn’t immediately raise any red flags with me. The neighbor jumped in his truck and took off, and then JB and another man walked back up to tell us that the guy driving the truck had gotten out after flipping it, staggered around bleeding from the mouth and reeking of alcohol, and took off.

They didn’t chase after him because they didn’t know if he was hyped up on drugs, had a gun, or what…but they watched him as far as they could. I was thinking, dang, and I saw him walk across the street, but I didn’t know who he was. And no, I don’t recall him staggering or anything like that…but then again, I really only glanced in that direction for a split second anyway. The kids said they saw him walk towards a specific house, the guys said they saw him walk behind a truck and they lost sight of him.

Our neighbor then drove his truck around the neighborhood looking, and his wife and I walked a little ways down both sides of the street looking. The cops finally came onto our street, and knocked on a few doors in that area. They seemed to stay at one house for a good long while, but the whole time I was wondering why they never bothered to search the woods for him. There aren’t many homes around here with fenced in yards, so it’s a straight shot to the woods behind the neighborhood. Common sense would tell most folks that if he ain’t in one of those houses, LOOK IN THE DANG WOODS, but nope. So chances are, this dude is wandering around back there right now. Lovely.

Needless to say, I have already checked all the windows and door locks. Because I’m paranoid like that. The kids are in bed now, but The Boy’s a little freaked out so I’m not sure how much sleeping he’ll do tonight.

I swear. Never a dull moment around this place.


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