It was unintentional, honest!

Well, in case anybody hasn’t noticed…I’ve sorta taken a break from just about everything this week. It’s been a crazy and drama filled week, and it just about got the best of me!

Re: the blog break! I actually didn’t realize it had been several days since I posted something. I haven’t been able to get to too many blogs in the last several days, and I sure haven’t kept up with most of my favorite memes this week. I’ll do better this next week! I have been attempting to work up a new layout but um, I pretty much suck in that department and can’t come up with anything I like.

Re: the Twitter break! I know I have been away too much if people start telling me that I’m being too quiet. I hope to be back to my normally rambling self soon.

Re: the jewelry and Etsy shop! I haven’t made anything new in over a week. I have pictures of pieces that I made about two weeks ago…one of those pieces I sold on my latest trip home, but it got a fair amount of interest so I need to make more like it. It’s just become a matter of getting a spare moment to work on it. The kids being home and needing to be entertained has put a dent into my creative time lately. I was getting a little discouraged about it, but then I sold 4 pieces last weekend (and made my mom a freebie pair of earrings.)

Re: the family drama! Yeah, I’m sure it’s still there. I’ve just stopped paying attention to it. The person in question has apparently realized that I’m not getting down on her level and has stopped making public digs at us on Facebook. I haven’t spoken to any of them, and I have no plans to. JB has talked to his mother, but that’s it. I’m just seeing it stress him out still. Sleep is eluding him these days, which in turn means it’s eluding me as well.


2 thoughts on “It was unintentional, honest!

  1. Hey, no worries. Life happens. It’s summer, life gets busy. We’ll still be here ready to read when you do get time to post. I’m sorry you guys are still losing sleep over the whole family thing, but I’m glad it seems to be calming down. Just take it a day at a time, and things will fall into place.

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