The Ultimate Honey Do List

There are so many days that I miss our old house. It was a place where things were nice, most of the time clean, well built, and functioning.

When we made the decision to move and let me stay home with the kids, we knew that we were slashing our income drastically. Thus making the need clear to find a smaller house than what we ideally wanted, one that we could afford on single income. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be in this home, but I think with time we can make it a place that we want to be.

So honey, here’s your project list!

  1. Fix that horribly built fence. Homeboy before us WAS NOT good in the handyman department. The whole point of a privacy fence is so that we have privacy…not so anybody can easily peer through the ginormous cracks in the fence and see what we’re doing. If I decide I want to skinnydip in the pool, it would be nice if nobody could see me. Not that I would do that, or anything.
  2. Build decent gates. Yeah, this goes along with the fence. But only He-Man can move those gates that Handyman Wannabe built. Not to mention, the gaping hole in the fence where he meant to put one of his crappy gates just bugs me every time I look at it.
  3. Pressure wash the house. Oh dear gah, PLEASE. I can’t stand looking at dirty siding. This whole house needs a washing. Don’t say you’re waiting until you can afford to buy a pressure washer of your own…we have two neighbors who have offered to let you use theirs.
  4. Pretty pretty please get us a storm door for the front of the house! I’d love to open the door and let the light into this cave like living room.
  5. While we are talking about the front door, I’d like it painted black, please and thank you.
  6. You know I want to rip up every dang bit of this ugly tile floor. Hardwood would be lovely. And so much better looking.
  7. Don’t glare at me when I suggest yellow paint. Trust me, it will look great.
  8. We seriously need to discuss the state of the garage. As in, I’m a little afraid to walk in there.
  9. Two words. Fugly countertops. Enough said.
  10. Please sand the kitchen table so I can paint it. Black. No I’m not emo or goth. I just like black, dear.

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Honey Do List

  1. I was laughing pretty hard. Then I got to the fugly countertops. I nearly peed myself!!!!! I know how you feel. Completely and totally!

    Also, I totally just became your 100th follower. I feel special! lol

  2. Our landlord painted her condo yellow in the living room/dining room and in the master bedroom. While it is not a color that I would have ever thought of choosing…I love it!!!

    Good luck with your list!

  3. I like everything in our kitchen black too! I’m pushing the hubs for some darker counter tops! It looks nice!!

    And that garage one cracked me up…we just had a HUGE garage sale…sold a TON of stuff…now we can actually fit a car in there and the hubs just junked it up with a pile more stuff…what is up with that?

  4. We have to stay home to get this done. Will also need some help to do some of it. Trust me I know about the garage and it drives me crazy I can never find what I am looking for. I think you doing some of these would be a great father’s day present to me and make the list shorter.

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