We’ve just had so much drama lately that it has consumed most of our conversations (that are fit to post, anyway!)

And then…dinner happened. Again, it involves the kids…but I was in tears from laughing.

The scene: the four of us are gathered around our kitchen table, eating the chicken fettucini that I made (with hubby’s help in the spice department.) Somehow, the dinner conversation weirdly became about bananas. Honestly, I’m at a loss as to how exactly that happened.

Oh wait, now I remember. Diva started it.

Diva: “Mama, how are bananas made?”

JB: “They aren’t made, they’re grown.”

Me: “On banana trees.”

Monkey: “Then the banana people come get them.”

We all just stared at him.

Me: “The banana people?”

Monkey: “Yeah, the Day-o people. They get the bananas off the trees.”

At this point, I was so definitely running through the Harry Belafonte song in my head…Day-0, me say Day-o…but I was thinking that surely I heard him wrong when he said Dole.

JB: “Who are the Day-o people?”

Monkey: “You know, Daddy. The Day-o people.” And he proceeds to bust out singing Day-O.

I couldn’t help it. I had foolishly taken a drink of my tea just before he broke into song and came dangerously close to 1) spitting it out all over my poor daughter, who had no idea why her parents were suddenly laughing; or 2) choking to death. Tears were streaming from my eyes, and when I finally managed to pull myself together, I looked up at JB.

JB: He had a strange look on his face, like he couldn’t decide to laugh or not. “Why are you connecting that song with bananas boy?” Yeah, at the time we didn’t remember it was also called The Banana Boat Song.

Monkey: “Because my old chorus teacher said they were banana people!” And I always wondered what they were teaching him at that old school…

JB: “I think a Google search is in our future. I need to see how you are connecting that up.”

Diva: who has been silent in confusion this whole time… “Ewww! I don’t like boogers! They are gross, Daddy.”

I will end the conversation there, because I’m sure no one really wants to know the 5 minute long convo we had about the ewww nasty b word…until we finally figured out Diva had mistaken her dad saying Google for booger.

It just got interesting.

After dinner, the boys went outside to work on something. I took the liberty of getting on booger Google and found this…which I had set to play loudly when they came back inside.


4 thoughts on “Day-O

  1. That’s so funny!

    I really need to start writing down conversations right after they happen, b/c I always blank when it’s time to post them and can’t play along!

  2. my youngest daughter loved that song when she was little – we sang it over and over and over and over and over…every time we got in the car! thanks for the memories!

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