Our Long Weekend

I just found this post in my drafts folder! So you get to read about our Memorial Day weekend a little late 😉

So you’ve heard about the rough part of the long holiday weekend. Now it’s time for the goooooood!!!

We arrived in our hometown around 2 pm Friday afternoon. Our first stop was to the daycare center the kids went to from the infancy until we moved. We had wanted to get by and see them for ages, but we were always coming into town late at night or on weekends. They were so surprised to see us, and kept going on and on about how big the kids had gotten since we left. They had to know all about how school was going, how they were liking their new home, etc. I was so very glad we got to go there.

Then we left and got Monkey’s shaggy hair cut. He has had it cut one time here since we moved, but claims he hated it and refuses to go to anyone but the guy back home. Which works out fine if we can hold it off until one of our trips home, but his hair grows so insanely fast that it won’t work after this summer. He also had time to trim up Diva’s hair. I had almost decided I was going to let her hair grow out, but she’s just so dang cute with that little bob!

Friday night, my mom made her lasagna, and we had dinner with them and my brother before he left for his other family obligation. Fashionably late, might I add. We hung around the house a while before finally going to bed.

Saturday, we went to JB’s best friend’s house for lunch. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and the kids went “swimming” in two little wading pools. Actually, they shot each other with water guns mostly, and chased the adults around with buckets of water when that got old. Another friend of ours saw us there, and brought two of her kids to play as well…her son and Monkey have been buddies since they were babies at the daycare! He was excited about that because he’d been sure that he wouldn’t get to see any of his friends this trip.

We were supposed to go visit my best friend Mel Saturday night. But she called, sounding like death warmed over and said she was very sick and we should probably skip it this time. I hated that, because I haven’t seen her since February, but I know it was the best thing. We decided instead to go out with a few of my other friends, the ones I grew up living next door to before I got married. We went to a Mexican restaurant, and then at the last minute decided to go bowling. And um, some of us got a little hammered. I won’t say I wasn’t drinking because that would be a total lie…but yet again, I think I astound some people by drinking as much as they do and not even feeling tipsy. JB told me later that he really thought I’d just been sitting there drinking the same beer all night, when in reality he actually saw me drinking 5 different ones. Shocking. But I also know when to quit, and I knew I had to walk up into my parents house (doesn’t matter that I’m an adult, I’d better not walk in there drunk), and sadly two of my friends just kept right on. We had three vehicles to get home, one of them a stick shift…which only JB knew how to drive. He was the lucky one that got to drive our drunk friends home, while my guy friend (who’d only had one beer way long time ago at the restaurant) drove his car ahead of us, and the other guy rode with me while I drove my Durango. By the time we got to the house, it took all four of us to get the other two inside. They didn’t remember jack the next morning, either…oh, but we did!

Sunday morning, we headed out to the state park for my mom’s family reunion. This was the whole purpose of the trip. I was very happy that my aunt and uncle from Louisiana were able to come this year, I haven’t seen them in a while. I enjoyed spending time with my family, a lot of them I truly don’t get to see but this one time a year. [Those pics are all on my Facebook page]

That evening, JB decided to squeeze in a visit with his parents. I didn’t go because I was nursing a stomach ache from too much food. He ended up going to the fire department with the kids to see his dad, and then to his parents house later to see his mom. As for his sister, well, obviously he didn’t see her and we now all know how THAT turned out.

So, really and truly, right up until the last two hours of the trip home, we really did have a wonderful and fun weekend! Just like someone to try and screw it up 😉


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