A Case of The Mondays

Mondays don’t tend to bother me as much as they do other people. I guess that’s because these days, Monday is really just like every other day to me. Since I stay home with the kidlets, the only difference is that JB goes back to work. Honestly, though, Monday never felt any different when I was working…because I worked such a crazy schedule, sometimes I worked Mondays, sometimes I didn’t.

But I’m so feeling the bad Monday vibe today.

  • My house is a wreck right now. I haven’t finished cleaning everything up after my brother and SIL visited us last week. We stayed up late every night and slept late every morning, and stayed out somewhere every afternoon. I’ll eventually get a post written up about last week…promise.
  • JB had to get a splinter out of the bottom of my foot yesterday. It was really in there, so now I have a little hole on the bottom of my foot. It hurts. Worse than the actual splinter did.
  • Then I get up this morning, with a headache (surprise surprise), and there’s something weird going on with the skin beside the nail on my little finger. It hurts like you wouldn’t believe, and what makes it worse is that I have NO idea what I did to make it hurt!
  • I’ve had a headache ever since I helped JB clean out our little house of horrors (a.k.a the garage). I suspect I got a bit overheated because until we found the little fan there was literally NO air circulating in the part of the garage I was in. And we were in there for several hours. But on the plus side, I can walk in there now without fear of breaking my neck on a rogue skateboard, stabbing myself in the foot with stray tools and supplies, and we finally know where half our stuff has been all these 7 months of living here.
  • I don’t know if it’s happening to anyone else, but my blog is getting hammered with spam comments the last couple days. None of it makes through Akismet, but still….when I look in there an hour after I emptied it and there’s already 47 more spam comments, it gets annoying. I also use that Who is Online plugin, and it shows weird IP addresses on the same post that keeps getting hammered. So I go in and I block them, but there’s too many to block individually. I mean, there’s a huge amount, people. And I don’t know how to stop it.
  • Last week was wonderful, not only because of my brother’s visit…but Irritating Neighbor Kid stayed away ALL LAST WEEK. Ah, peace and quiet. Well, she came pounding up to the front door Saturday AND yesterday, Father’s Day of all days, and since JB was busy doing other things, I said she could stay for a little while. Well, she got stuck here Saturday much longer than I wanted, because a monsoon came out of nowhere and I couldn’t exactly send her home in that mess. Yesterday, we started hearing some heavy thunder and then lightening, so expecting more storms, I suggested to JB that she needed to get gone before the storm started. I have never wanted to smack someone else’s kid so much as I did her…she was all, “Rain doesn’t bother me” and “Do I have to go?” Yes, child, if I say you have to go, then your best option is to scoot before you really tick me off. She came bounding up to the door today, and I flat out told Monkey they had to stay outside. I already have a headache and that kid is insanely loud. I just can’t deal with her today.

Alright, so obviously, I’m supplying the w(h)ine. Who’s got the cheese and crackers?


One thought on “A Case of The Mondays

  1. We TOTALLY have two neighbor kids like that! One is 10 or so and she just comes in without knocking or anything. He older brother is 16 and really strange. It makes me feel 10 kinds of weird when he shows up when Justin’s gone. I’ve taken to leaving the front door shut when I get home from work, but I HATE being a prisoner in my own home. It’s not like we even have kids for them to hang out with!

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