Country Came to Town

Sooo….remember last week when I was doing the happy dance because my brother and his wife were coming to visit us?

I very much enjoyed having them here. They got here Tuesday around lunchtime. That kinda surprised me because I already knew they’d gotten on the road later than they intended to. I decided to keep my mouth shut and didn’t ask my brother how fast he drove. I’ve learned to pick my battles!

Most of Tuesday, we really just sat around the house watching movies. I purposely didn’t try to plan anything because I know how exhausting that drive can be, and they were tired. I had put a roast in the crock pot that morning, and when it came time for dinner I shredded it up and we made roast sandwich rolls…I was going for easy. My brother loved it so much he had two, and told my SIL to make sure to get the recipe from me before they left. JB had to get to bed early because he still had to work, but I stayed up with my brother and SIL watching movies. The thing I just love about my brother…we have the same taste in cheesy, so stupid it makes ya laugh movies. We could watch Adam Sandler flicks all day and be perfectly happy. (And yes, we were quoting Zohan repeatedly.)

Wednesday, my brother slept almost until noon. I knew he did this regularly when I lived at home, but I didn’t know he still did this when he was off work! So my SIL, the kids, and I just puttered around the house until he got up. They decided they wanted to head to River Street. So we got to the historic district, found a spot in the parking deck, and then wandered around until we found Fuddruckers for a good, but slightly overpriced lunch.

Did I mention that we were under major heat advisories last week? Heat indexes reached 112 one day. Goodness knows that’s how it felt traipsing up and down River Street that day. We fell in love with the Candy Kitchen, and their delicious COLD ice cream. We got home, (after losing my Durango in the parking deck…took us 15 minutes to find it) took showers, and headed to the Stadium for the baseball game.

This was the second time we have been to a Sand Gnats game…and I knew my brother enjoyed going to games, so I thought it would be a good thing to drag take them to. And yes, they loved it. It also helped that the Sand Gnats totally kicked the other team’s butt that night! I was shocked when Diva saw the mascot, Gnate the Gnat, sitting nearby and asked to give him a hug. I think she saw another kid do it, because there’s no way she would have gone near him on her own. She got a lot more into this game than the last one we went to.

We stayed up late again that night. Really, really late. We were just talking and had no idea what time it was…and then I glanced at my phone and saw it was 3 am! We went to bed, and I slept until about 10 am…my brother, of course, slept until noon. JB was getting off work early Thursday, so we decided we go to Tybee Island when he got home. JB’s been there for work related reasons, but the kids and I had yet to go. So we packed everything up, and headed for Tybee. None of us had eaten lunch yet, and nobody wanted to walk to the place I suggested…so we had yet another good but slightly overpriced lunch at Fannie’s. I mean, really…if I’d gotten the cheeseburger I wanted it would have been $12. Next time, we pack sammiches, dang it. We got a couple hours in on the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous.

After leaving the beach, and before leaving the city, my brother wanted to go over the Talmadge bridge. Just to say he went over it, really. Have I ever mentioned that I am terrified of large bridges that go over water? Oh, yeah, I have. Since I was clearly outnumbered, we went over the bridge into South Carolina. The first time going over it I sat stock still holding my breath and just praying it would be over soon…then we had to go back over it to get home. My brother now has all kinds of goofy pictures of me because he kept flashing the camera in my face during this bridge thing. No fair, dude! I will admit, even though it scared me to death to be there, that is truly one gorgeous view of the river.

The late nights had finally caught up to us by Thursday night, so after watching a movie we all headed to bed. I slept like a rock that night. I woke around 8 am, and walked into the living room to find my SIL in JB’s recliner, and my brother sprawled out on the couch. She said he’d gotten up during the night sick. We let him sleep, but when he woke up he said he felt okay to drive home. I didn’t like that idea very much, so he had to eat lunch and prove to me he was alright before I let them leave. Diva cried when they left, but they promised to let her spend the night at their house one night when she visits my parents in July.

I miss them already!


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