I get so emotional

The kids and I got up yesterday morning, and just hung around the house for a couple hours. I was very much dragging and procrastinating getting ready to go…the last thing I wanted to do was drive two hours, meet my FIL, and let my babies go home with him for a whole week. All this week, I have been wondering why on earth I ever suggested these summer weeks with the grandparents. I am pleading temporary insanity.

I loaded up the truck a little before 11 am, and struck out to meet their Papa. There wasn’t much traffic, thank goodness, because I already had a headache. The kids were quiet the whole drive, which surprised me. We pulled in to the appointed meeting place, ala Cracker Barrel (because it’s right off the interstate and easy to get to), and FIL was already there. Naturally, the kids put in to eat lunch there.

I will say that after all our recent family drama, I was highly nervous about being in the same place as my FIL without JB there. You know, just in case he went off on me for being the family witch or anything like that. But I have to say, he was very pleasant to me, paid for my lunch, and never once pulled the infamous line, “We need to sit down and have a talk.”

Lunch was over, I pulled the kids suitcase out and he loaded it into his truck, and I ran around giving my babies hugs, telling them how much I loved them, how much I was going to miss them, be good and don’t let their mean cousins rub off on them, and trying not to cry. (I also wanted to tell my son to listen out for any trash talk from his grandmother or his aunt about me and JB…but I kept that to myself, of course.) They drove away, I got back on the interstate and headed for home.

And immediately started crying. Gah, I’m such a sap. I can’t stand being away from my kids for a whole week. I dried it up pretty quick though, because the bottom fell out of the sky and I had to focus on driving through that mess without killing myself. I got home around 3:30 pm. My head hurt so bad, and I was feeling just soooo blah. I cried myself right into a nap.

JB got home at some point during my nap, said he tried to wake me up but I just mumbled something and rolled over. I did wake up around 6:30 pm, and we talked about going to get something to eat. I changed my mind at least 5 times about where I wanted to go. It started off as Bennigans, since it was close to home and I didn’t feel good. We got close to Bennigans, I decided I wanted to go to Cheddar’s. Then I suggested Huey’s on River Street. Then I remembered which shoes I was wearing and didn’t want to break an ankle trying to get to Huey’s, and said let’s go to Chili’s instead. Then as JB was getting in the turn lane for Chili’s, I looked over and saw a Macaroni Grill and said “Hey, I’ve never been there.” That got me quite a look and I quickly said, “Let’s just stick to Chili’s.” To say I was just a smidge weird last night would be an understatement. Normally, I just say, “No kids? Let’s go to Olive Garden so I drink up some of that divine wine!”

Then we decided since my head was feeling better, we’d go see a movie. Along with half of the city, apparently, we decided to see Grown Ups. (I have this weird thing for Adam Sandler, remember?) I laughed all the way through that movie! It was very good. Kinda made me want to play Arrow Roulette. Nah, not really.

We got home around midnight, and I was so tired. We went straight to bed, but I’m guessing my earlier nap was a bad move on my part. It took me forever to get to sleep, so I ended up sleeping in this morning.

JB had been trying to call to talk to the kids all morning, but couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone at his parents house…at which point I seriously started considering getting our 9 year old a cell phone. As crazy as that sounds, and I have always said I wouldn’t be *that mom*…I’m actually thinking about it now. Now, granted it will tick him off because the crazy kid wants a Blackburreh just like mine and well, he ain’t gettin’ it. (Perhaps I should show him my cell phone post so he can see how I progressed my way into a Blackburreh. heh)

Now…my decisions today…help JB with installing the new storm door, or lay out in the pool. Storm door, pool.

Storm door, pool.

Ah, who am I kidding….pool wins. Now if only I had a cabana boy.


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