Show Me What I’m Looking For: June

This month’s searches that somehow landed people on my site…

  • funny referrals (I has them. Sometimes.)
  • ma belle vie (Looking for me? Now if only I can get back into it.)
  • ma belle vie translation (Why, that would be my lovely life. You’re welcome.)
  • my oh so lovely life blog (why are people always looking for this?)
  • story of us part 1
  • what does futterwagon mean (Futterwagon vigorously, dude.)
  • breakin benjamin giveme asign review di creative design (probably the sorriest put together search ever, but awesome song.)
  • naggish (That would be me after not sleeping)
  • quotes elusive sleep (I doubt I’ve ever quoted this…but okay.)
  • 5QF (Yes, I’ve been known to participate in 5 Question Friday from time to time.)
  • I was so laughable (Really? Probably not as laughable as you thought you were.)
  • long pointy spoon

One thought on “Show Me What I’m Looking For: June

  1. How do you do this? I’ve seen many posts about this, but not how you do it. LOL. I would LOVE to see how people land on The Scoop on Poop! Hahaha.

    And yes, everythings okay. It wasn’t of the impalement nature, haha, but it took all day to resolve. Thanks for asking!

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