I think the Honey Do List is working!

Recently, I wrote a post titled “The Ultimate Honey-Do List“. JB doesn’t read my blog often, but I know he read that particular post because he commented on it!

One of the things I have wanted to do to this house ever since we moved in is get a storm door installed. I know some people like them, some people hate them. But in this particular case, I’m not necessarily going for looks, I’m going for function.

I’ve never been big on them, really…I can honestly take them or leave them. My parents house had one, so it was something I had grown up with and was used to.

The first house we lived in after we got married had one on the front door and the back door. Most of the time, I forgot about the one on the front because nobody used the front door there. (Don’t ask.)

Our last home, the one we just left, didn’t have any storm doors. And really, it didn’t bother me a bit. There were times when I thought they might be a good idea, such as when JB or the kids would walk outside and not close the door all the way and every mosquito within a five mile radius flew inside before I realized it.

Aaaaaand then we moved into this house. Aside from the fact that originally, the living room was painted dark burgundy (yikes), there is only one window in this room. One small window. I had three large windows in my previous living room, plus a glass cutout in the front door and a large double window that let light in from the dining room. I like bright. This living room felt like a cave when we first got here. JB quickly repainted the room and hallway the same color as our previous living room. I have the curtains hung in a way that lets the most light possible in. We changed out the light fixture because the one that was here was painfully dim.

Even with all our changes, it still felt a little dark to me. Not to mention, I was at a disadvantage when the kids wanted to play in the front yard, or ride bikes in the driveway, because if they weren’t within that window range I couldn’t see them. I  need to have my eyes on them as much as I possibly can, especially Diva! So high up on my wishlist for the house was a new storm door…so I can open it during the day, let in more sunlight, AND see the kids if they happen to be out there and I’m busy doing other things in the house.

At long last, I have my storm door! JB picked one up Saturday, and got right to work on installing it. This is our front door, before….well, kinda before…he’d already started sanding the door frame so he could repaint it before I got out there.

JB repainting the trim before installing….which I did question, but he went back over it again after he was done!

Almost done! The door is installed, the trim has been repainted to match (after I took this picture, by the way). You can see part of the park bench that I have had for years, and right now it desperately needs some help…I plan to paint it eventually. The green door is next up on the to do list…as in, it won’t be green anymore. I want to paint it and our shutters BLACK.

Storm Door Install Day Two: Yes, this turned into a two day project. When the door was all installed, we realized there was at least a 2 inch gap between the threshold and the storm door. Um, not good! So JB headed back to the man’s store (A.K.A Lowe’s) and bought a new threshold. He spent part of Sunday ripping out the old beat up and bent threshold, and making an even bigger mess on the front porch…

I took that picture from the comfort of the couch. 🙂 He glared at me meanly. But the good news is, we now have a shiny new threshold, and to keep it from getting all bent like the old one he cut and painted a support to go under it. Something Handyman Wannabe obviously never thought to do…

And well, you know how the rest of this day went…tearing down gates, stepping on rusty nails, a trip to the emergency room. No need to relive that over again!


6 thoughts on “I think the Honey Do List is working!

  1. I love when my husband gets things done. He also gets super annoyed with me and my camera while is working! And I always get the same question, “Are you putting this on your blog?”

  2. Ok, can JB come and do my house next? Except I need a whole new door, frame, and storm door. 😛 I have everything already picked out, just need someone to put it in.

    Great job, JB!!

  3. The door looks great. And good idea. I am not sure I would have come up with that as a solution.

    Did you really have to go to the ER? Is everyone ok now??

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