I’ll get you! And your little dog too.

I’m not sure this is going to work, because I really haven’t ever tried the WordPress app on my Blackberry. But here goes nothin’…

I’m currently at my parents house. JB came home 4 freaking hours earlier than I thought he would yesterday, so I guess its lucky that I had already packed the suitcase. He kept saying he didn’t want to rush me into getting ready, but he also kept hovering and staring, so I took that as my not so subtle cue to get off my duff.

I don’t have the kids with me. They are still with JB’s parents until Sunday. This is killing me, because I miss them like crazy! But at the same time, its good they aren’t here…my parents house is a bit of a disaster area. They are in the middle of renovations, so everything is displaced.

Speaking of renovations, at this very moment, I am babysitting the most aggravating chihuahua in their den, trying to watch Maroon 5 on the Today show, and not hearing much of anything for the guys banging on crap in the house. Please send over some X*anax and Advil please? I might even have to bust open that bottle of wine I stumbled across here last night.

My plans for today are to hopefully get away from the little yapper, go to lunch with my bestie, hang out with her, and maybe get Diva’s birthday party booked. I bought my ticket for Eclipse tomorrow, and then I can see a couple more friends then.

Oh, but somehow, I think I’m technically supposed to be in Daytona with JB. I just found that out yesterday. So shhhh…don’t tell the wrong people that I’m here in town, it might get ugly.

I think the little yapper needs to go out to pee. Awesome. Such is my exciting life right now!


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