I finally made it to see Eclipse Saturday with my friends, S. and A. S. also dragged her husband along (I think because I usually drag JB along)…and he ended up texting one of his friends to bail him out of being the only male sap in our group watching this movie.

I have to say…even though I was starting to hear mixed reviews about it, I absolutely LOVED Eclipse! I think it’s the best movie of the series so far. This is coming from someone who walked out of the original Twilight movie pretty disappointed, and I walked out of New Moon feeling just ‘eh’.

I guess one reason I wasn’t crazy about the other movies is because I never felt like they got into the other characters enough. I know there’s only so much they can put into a 2 hour movie. I also loathed Jasper in the first two movies. I can’t explain why, I just did. That said, I actually REALLY liked Jasper this time!

I also didn’t reread the books before going to see this movie. I usually read the books and I think that’s part of why I walk out feeling disappointed in the movies because things were left out or changed. I guess maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t been able to locate the box I packed my Twilight series books in yet.

And yeah, I’m totally Team Jacob. I keep having to remind myself he’s Shark Boy…but dang! My favorite line of the whole movie: Jacob to Edward: “Let’s face it; I’m hotter than you.”


5 thoughts on “Eclipse!

  1. I completely agree with your review!! Except I’m Team Edward – but I’m not Team Robert Pattinson. Oh well. But I also didn’t like Jasper much in the other 2 & really liked him in this one! And I didn’t reread the book before this one for the same reason – I thought rereading them made me like the movie less when they weren’t the same or just really ridiculously put it all together.

    I also loved the soundtrack again in this one. I loved the soundtrack of Twilight – maybe one of the only redeeming qualities of the movie for me. But I didn’t hardly notice the soundtrack in New Moon except the scene when the months are passing & she’s looking out the window. But I liked it again this time! That’s always a plus for me! I love music!!

  2. Wasn’t it great?! I really liked Jasper’s southern accent. He doesn’t have enough lines in the other movies to even detect it. P.S. I was around your old stomping ground last night at a party at Southern Woods.

  3. Yeah, the movie is getting mixed reviews, but it’s good to know that someone loved it. Team Jacob all the way!! Rob is a little too gnarly for my tastes.

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