Our Independence Weekend

Soooo….while I have a few minutes, I thought I’d go ahead and get a post up about our long weekend. (Also, I should do this while it’s still in my head…my memory isn’t what it used to be.)

Thursday morning, I got up and got to work on the laundry, doing some cleaning that desperately needed to be done before we left, and packing a suitcase for myself. JB was leaving from my parents’ house Friday morning with his best friend and they were going to the races in Daytona. I knew JB was planning to come home from work a little early so we could get going, but well, four hours early threw me for a loop! The drive wasn’t too bad. JB went to bed early that night and I stayed up talking house renovations with my mom.

Friday morning, JB and his friend left for Daytona. I spent the morning (as you might have already read) babysitting my parents aggravating chihuahua. At 11 am, I took off for my best friend Mel’s house. I was so happy to see her, since the last time we were together was February. Along with her two boys, we went to have lunch at Logan’s…and then I had to strike a deal with her oldest. I’d drive him to Game Stop if he’d let me go somewhere and book Diva’s birthday party. No worries, everything got done 🙂

Saturday, I met my other two besties for lunch at Mellow Mushroom and Eclipse (also has you may have already read.) I spent Saturday night hanging out with my parents and watching the race on TV just so I could say that JB and I saw the same thing. The thing went on forever, and JB and his friend ended up leaving early but asking me to tell them who won. They didn’t get to their hotel until 2 am, so it was at least that late before I got to sleep.

I slept in a bit Sunday morning. JB got home around 11:30 am, and then we went to collect the children from his parents’ house, where they had been for over a week. I wasn’t too surprised to see two loud and obnoxious toys that were coming back with us, and I really can’t say I was terribly shocked to see that my fair skinned son had gotten a nasty sunburned face, and had several raw spots on his nose that he’d been picking at. My daughter was so very brown….that kid has never had a sunburn in her entire life. I have to wonder exactly why I sent a whole bottle of sunscreen with them! We spent the rest of Sunday grilling out with my family for my dad’s birthday (and the 4th, too.) Fireworks? Nah…we just watched the Macy’s thing on TV.

Yesterday we drove back home. Normally, it takes me a couple days to completely empty the suitcases and bags. JB apparently had way more energy than me, and in the time it took me to drive Monkey to the library to take back due books, he’d emptied both suitcases, started a load of laundry in the washer, and was working on the bags. I helped to a tiny degree, but I had a headache so I focused more on Tylenol and a nap. Priorities, people.

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