It’s Your Turn!

Like any blogger, I sometimes get curious about who is reading the words that I write here. I truly love getting comments from some of the people who visit me, and I try my absolute best to respond to as many of them as I possibly can, usually via email. I just love the interaction!

I do have to admit that I’ve been a little slower about replying to comments and emails since late last week…traveling to our hometown over the long weekend and then having our family vacation this week is my excuse for that! Next week, I’ll be all over it.

Soooo….my request today is this: whether you regularly comment or you’re mostly a lurker (nothing wrong with that, I do it too!) come out of hiding and say hello! Tell me something about yourself. Anything! Where you’re from, your favorite movie, your celebrity crushes, something completely random, whatever!

Talk to me!


14 thoughts on “It’s Your Turn!

  1. I like random comments. lol. My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. I was soooo sad when Patrick died. 😦 My favorite T.V. shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, America’s Got Talent, Criminal Minds, and Secret Teen. You should’ve posted something random about yourself as well. 🙂

  2. I’m a regular reader and a less than regular commenter. Let me see, what can I tell you about me? How about I’m among the apparently small group of women who do not indulge in the Twilight franchise. Other than that, it was 105F here today, so the kiddos didn’t play outside. Have a great night!

  3. I am a lurker…..I can’t help it. It takes me so long to read all the blogs I follow that I don’t have time to comment on everything. Anyway…HELLO! I am from Wisconsin. My biggest pet peeve is listening to people chew and unfortunately I married the LOUDEST chewer in the world. Random enough? 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I’m not sure what I’d label myself since I just recently started reading your blog but then fell behind and have a long list of other blogs to catch up with as well as yours. Ok, you can tell that I’m a babbler. I love to leave comments…not just one liners or a single phrase or word. I like to leave long “quality” comments…or at least aim other wise, I don’t leave a comment since that just feels like I’m not putting effort into responding or having a dialog with you. See? There I go again, I just keep rambling 🙂 What else can I tell you about me…I don’t like heat…or humidity but yet I chose to move to Japan with my husband. It’s the only season here that makes me want to move back home and be away from my husband….but love conquers all and I stay and stick it out with him.

  5. I just started reading you not that long ago, but I try to leave comments. To be honest most of my blog reading time comes late at night after everyone has gone to bed and I have gotten the house back in order…..I am OCD and its awful when you have kids and you don’t have enough time in the day. Reading other blogs helps me to see I am not the only one who struggles with trying to get it all done… Its a comfort to know I am not the only one!

    Hope you have a lovely vacation!!!

  6. I’m more of a commenter, but I’ve been lacking on my commenting lately because I’ve gotten so into reading Breaking Dawn again after seeing Eclipse that I have totally slacked on my blog activities!!

  7. LOL Love this post! I’m from Louisiana (just in case you missed that in all my posts) My favorite movie is “The Notebook”, I am an incurable romantic and I totally love vintage stuff! I love that era! But that is an upcoming blog post…so I can’t say more.

  8. Love your blog. I am from Dawsonville, Ga. At one time I and my hubby lived in Richmond Hill, Ga. Love Savannah. My favorite book is Twilight. Favorite movies is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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