Going haywire!

It’s been a pretty quiet day. As in, I’m just now checking into Twitter, here, and Facebook. Very unlike me!

But I’ve been working on a little project and well, it’s kicking my butt right now. Maybe I’ll eventually figure it out!

Also, if you read my recent post about my weirdly vague medical stuff that’s going on right now…here’s a little update. I read something about the mold count being high in the area for the last week or two. Right when we were out tromping around in the woods and going in and out of old buildings during our vacation week. I looked it up, and it might explain all the chest tightness I’ve had for the last several days! I could be wrong, but the reason I’m thinking this: I had a miserable time with the pollen this year, worse than I’ve ever had in my entire life, but when I visited back home I was perfectly fine. Some friends of mine visited us in April, and their allergies went completely haywire here too.

My daughter has mild asthma, so we always have albuterol and nebulizers around…I decided to try one last night to see if it helped. And it really did, once I got rid of the shakes after it! I felt fine from about 7 pm last night until about 2 pm today, when I started feeling the chest tightness again…another nebulizer and I felt better.

This is completely crazy, I’ve never had respiratory issues like this before. I’m still seeing the doctor Tuesday, and whether I’m wrong or right about what’s causing this, I’m bringing it up to him.


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