Marley is the new Old Yeller

This past weekend, JB was flipping through the channels and stopped on the movie Marley and Me.

This was a movie that we never went to see when it was in the theaters, because everybody kept seeing it and telling me they cried at the end. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not a fan of walking out of a movie looking like a raccoon because I spent half of it bawling my eyes out. And it WILL happen, because I am an emotional sap. When we went to see Fireproof the night it opened, I literally walked out of there a blubbering mess. I’m not sure if it was the movie plot, or the fact that the movie hit so very close to home with me at the time, but it wasn’t pretty. That’s the last time I saw a movie in a theater that I suspected might be even slightly emotional.

When JB found Marley and Me (at the beginning) on TV this weekend, I was already somewhat prepared. He’d also come across the movie the weekend before that, but unfortunately, it was near the end and Marley was sick. I’m such a sap that I cried and I’d only seen a few minutes of the stinkin’ movie! I told him he could watch it, and I would just get up and go do something else when Marley got sick.

Well, then the kids came in and started watching the movie. And they were laughing so much at the things that dog was doing, I didn’t want to ruin the good time family movie moment. Plus, finally seeing the movie from the beginning, I was starting to really get into it.

I doubt I’m spoiling the movie for anyone since it’s a couple years old, but yeah, Marley died. I sneaked glances at the kids during this time to make sure it wasn’t bothering them, and they seemed okay.

The movie ended. Suddenly, Diva is sobbing. She started crying for every dog we’ve had since she’s been in the world (which is only two, Zoey and Molly) even though she was stark terrified of both of them and wouldn’t go near them. The child acted like the world was ending, she was never going to be happy again, and I was just stunned. I have never seen her react to any movie that way. It literally took us an hour to cheer her back up!

Poor kid inherited my sap streak.

[This post inspired by this week’s prompt: A movie you probably should have previewed before letting your kids watch.]

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7 thoughts on “Marley is the new Old Yeller

  1. Oh boy. I was told not to see this because she has a m/c as did I. But I ended up watching it during my maternity leave because I figured I could handle it since I was on maternity leave (baby!) and am not a dog person… um, WRONG. I cried SO hard at end. Like couldn’t breathe hard. 🙂

  2. I cried during Fireproof and Marley and Me. I was so sad at the end. My mother in law hadn’t seen it and we were going to watch it while she was visiting us but then my father in law called and said that one of their dogs died so we didn’t let her watch it.

  3. Oh, I will never watch that movie again! I had no idea about the ending of the movie. I watched two months after putting my puppy of 12 years to sleep. Racoon eyes, ya, I had bad racoon eyes.

  4. I actually like movies that give me a good cry but, like you, hate to see them at the theater. I am not a pretty cryer. Lots of blotchiness and swelling are involved along with the dripping nose. Yikes! When I read the book Marley & Me, I cried for almost an hour just like your daughter for every dog we’ve ever loved and lost. We own the DVD of the movie but I kind of reserve it for when I need a good emotional cry.

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