It didn’t get me!

An update on my current medical mystery… 🙂

I went back to the FP doctor early yesterday morning to get all the blood work he wanted done. So next week, I will have the results of my thyroid, cholesterol, liver and kidney functions, and a few other things that have slipped away from me at this moment.

Then today at noon, I saw the cardiologist. I have to say this one appointment made me more nervous than all the other things I have had going on this week. I’m not sure exactly why that is! Maybe it’s because they were mentioning the possibility, even slight, that there might be an issue with my heart. That’s pretty major. That’s how freaked out I became by having such a thorough doctor for a change, I suppose…

I downloaded the paperwork from the office’s website this morning, and decided to go ahead and fill them out…thinking I would hopefully save a little time since JB was having to leave work to watch the kidlets for me to do this. If you follow me on Twitter, then you might already know this took me quite a while to do…every pen I own flaked out on me, and some of the questions just seemed so random. But I’m very glad I went ahead and did this, because I would have been sitting in the waiting room forever filling it all out.

So when I got to the window, I handed her all the papers, along with my insurance and ID cards. She copied them, handed them back, and I found a chair to sit in. For all of one minute! I barely had time to hand JB my keys so he could take the kids to lunch before they were calling me back. Honestly, I thought they’d just do the initial workup and send me back out…there was a waiting room half full out there. But no, one nurse was reading over the papers I’d filled out and asking me questions, and another nurse was already hooking me up to run an EKG…and that was done before I even really realized what she was doing! They finished, and said the doctor would be in soon.

And he strolled in like two minutes later. I’m sitting there thinking, “this is one very efficient office!” As nervous as I was, he put me right at ease. He walked in saying that he’d been told he had to be good to me (the nurse had told him that I was also a nurse), and then made a joke that he wasn’t used to seeing patients younger than he is. (I found out later he isn’t even 40 yet.)

After talking to him a bit, the nurse took me out for the stress test (a.k.a treadmill of doom). She got me hooked up with all the leads and explained how the test would go, what my heart rate had to get up to, etc. We got started, and it wasn’t too bad at first. My BP was great, and she told me that it stayed good the whole time I was on the treadmill. She told me I’d have to stay on it until my heart rate hit the certain range, and the length of time would depend on how fast I got in that range. It took a total of 9 minutes, three tilts and speed increases, and her telling me to do a slow jog that did it. If it would have gone any longer, I’m not sure I could have done it!

Anyway…the doctor said everything looked great today. He does want me to come back for an echo, but they can’t do that with getting pre approval with insurance…so I scheduled that for August 12th, after the kids are in school. After today, I don’t think they are looking at it as such a rush situation, it’s more now to rule out anything because of family history.

So…two impressions from today’s appointment. He is agreeing at the moment that I’m likely reacting to something in the air/environment and it’s causing the chest tightness. He also says that all the heart skips I was feeling before I started cutting my BP dose in half might have been a sign that I was really being ‘overtreated’. My circumstances have changed dramatically since I was put on that medication, and at the time I definitely needed it because my blood pressure was scary high, I was stressed to the max, and I was basically a ticking time bomb. Now? I eat better, I’m not stressed out, and I’m much happier with my life than I was then. Because of my family history, I’ll always need to keep a check on it, but he said I may not even *need* the medication anymore!

In the meantime, I’m going to keep up with the Singulair and the inhaler. I have felt better today (excluding the minutes immediately following the treadmill of doom) than I have in two weeks…but I’m still having to hit up the inhaler roughly every 4-5 hours or so. Much better than the other night when I woke up needing it!


6 thoughts on “It didn’t get me!

  1. I’m glad things went well at the docs today. Sounds like the heart stuff will be okay, which is great news! I’m glad you’re feeling better, just don’t push it. The heat is tough to deal with and, in my experience, it can take a while to completely bounce back with breathing stuff. I’ve often had to stay on breathing treatments much longer than I thought I would, but eventually, things improved. Praying your improvement will continue smoothly and quickly. Thanks for the update!

  2. Wow, sounds like you’ve found an amazing doctor’s office — good for you! Hearing all of the medical stuff just about gives me heart palpitations. I need to schedule an annual. Why is it so painful and repulsive to think about? If it was for my kids or hubby, I’d schedule it immediately. Women!

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