Inception: The Dream is Real

I often see previews of movies and think to myself, maybe I’d like to see that movie. It doesn’t happen too much that I see a movie preview and feel like I absolutely MUST see it.

But I saw the preview for Inception, and I could not wait to see it! It just looked amazing, and it’s a rare thing that both JB and I want to see the same movies. We have been planning to see it during our kid-free week (the kids are at my parents’ house) ever since.

It definitely did not disappoint me! This movie was all kinds of awesome…but don’t blink, you might miss something! The first few minutes of the movie, I leaned over to JB and said, “I’m confused!” But then it all made perfect sense. Well, kind of…

I love Leonardo DiCaprio (of course I do!) and he was great in this movie. But really…Joseph Gordon-Levitt stole the movie, in my opinion! His no gravity hallway scene was really my favorite part of the movie!

One thought I had during this movie…I only wish I could go sleep as fast as they do! Random thoughts of an insomniac…

So much happened that I can’t even begin to properly recap it. So instead, I leave you with the Inception trailer…and my recommendation to GO see it!

[no idea why this post disappeared last night…that’s a head scratcher!]


4 thoughts on “Inception: The Dream is Real

  1. I enjoyed Inception, too! I would like to go see it again – because after 9 days, I’m still trying to figure some parts out! I think I’m overanalyzing. 😛 have a great day!

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