6 Candles

Remember when all you needed was a huge building full of bounce houses?

Yeah, me neither…they didn’t have that sort of thing when I was a kid.

6 Candles

But that’s what we did for Diva’s birthday party this past weekend. This place is HUGE, and the kids go wild over it. In fact, we had her birthday party there last year right after it opened up…and when I gave her a choice of where to have this year’s shindig, she chose it again. (For the record, my primary goal is scheduling her birthday parties is finding a place with good air conditioning.)

Because I was a bit of a slacker this year, I forgot to order her birthday cake until last Monday. So I just ordered one from Publix. Her favorite colors these days are black and pink, so I asked them to give me something cute with black, pink, and white.

Yep. Black icing. Smooth, Stacey. Because black teeth look awesome in pictures. My friend’s daughter was all too willing to cheese for the camera with her new pirate teeth.

She got lots of great gifts, including a diary…she has been writing “secrets” in her new dia-wee ever since. (and then she tells us all about them, so I don’t think she’s grasping the concept of secret diary yet. Her best friend got her a cute little purse, a pair of sunglasses, and a tie-dyed shirt that she made for her. The look on her face when she saw that shirt was priceless. She grabbed her friend and hugged her so tightly I thought the child was going to start gasping for air.

And then we set them loose in the main play area, and it was bedlam from there on. I snapped as many pictures as I could, but the kids could not be bothered with a silly camera and I got a lot of blurry shots! I finally resorted to planting myself directly outside one of the bounce houses, and taking pictures of kids when they came bounding out of it.

Later, I heard about some smack talk going on inside one of the bounce houses. This made me laugh…the owner’s kid is a bit of a brat, and kept trying to get into it with my oldest nephew and M.’s oldest son. Apparently, Diva proceeded to announce to the owner’s mean kid that it was HER birthday and she wasn’t supposed to have a bad time! I’m told she yelled it right in his face, and he walked away. Ah, my little tough girl.

As usual, I very rarely make it into pictures, since I’m the one most often taking them. But I did hand over my small camera to JB, and he did get a fairly good one of me and my bestie M. She wouldn’t smile because she’d just had her wisdom teeth pulled a couple days before and was still a little puffy. But I don’t get too many pictures of us, so I like it…even though my face is tilted at a funny angle.

I forgot to mention that the night before, on her actual birthday, my mom had bought some cupcakes for Diva. She put a candle in one of them and we had a tiny little family party that night at my parents house. She thought that was just the coolest thing, that she technically had TWO birthday parties.

I’m still having a little trouble looking at her, knowing she’s growing up so fast!


3 thoughts on “6 Candles

  1. I just LOVE cake and that one looks beautiful … who cares about a black smile? Sounds like such a fun party. Cute tie-dye shirt (I finally tried doing tie-dye with my granddaughter last year and we had the best time) and I hope she keeps telling you all the “secrets” she’s writing in her diawee. So glad she stood up for herself. It’s a big, scary world out there and we just have to encourage our girls to kick butt and take names!

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