She will say anything!

My kids spent last week with my parents. We talked to them every night on the phone, and my mother would tell me the interesting things that happened…the stuff the kids didn’t tell me.

One of her stories about Diva made me laugh so hard I was almost in tears. It just proved to me that my child truly has NO filter whatsoever!

My kids went to church with my mom the first Sunday they were there. The pastor of the church is, well, very old. He’s been pastor there since I was probably my daughter’s age!

He is notorious for his marathon prayers. For instance,One Sunday, when I was pregnant with my daughter, he launched into one of his famously long prayers. Unfortunately, it was a very warm day…and I apparently had locked my knees while we were standing up for such a long time. Next thing I knew, I was swaying on my feet and JB had to ease me back into the pew before I fell out.

Anyhoo…during his ultra long opening prayer the Sunday that Diva was there, she clearly thought he should have finished much quicker. My mom said she heard my child next to her doing her dramatic sighs for a few minutes…then she heard her say, “Uh, when’s he gonna be done?” My mom didn’t say anything, because she (surprisingly) said it low enough that nobody else heard her.

And when the prayer was finished, and everyone was saying Amen, my mom said she heard Diva say, “Dude, finally!”

Had I been there, I would have been mortified…so I can only imagine that my poor mother wanted to melt into the floor…


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