Do I Know You?

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

I love it because it lets me keep up with all my friends and family, especially since we moved and I don’t see them often. Contrary to the belief that all females like to talk on the phone, I actually can’t stand it. I make phone calls only when absolutely necessary…once a week to a friend, once a week to my parents, most of the time. Facebook lets me see what ALL of them are doing, ALL of the time. Well, at least the ones who log in often, anyway.

I love it because I can keep everyone updated on us, as well…and as an added bonus, one grandmother can’t say I didn’t tell her something that I told the other grandmother. (Yes, I’m being dead serious.)

BUT! Sometimes, Facebook really gets on my nerves. And I don’t have many good ones left, people!

  • It tells me weekly that I should ‘reconnect’ with my brother…so much that I’ve taken to annoying him with my incessant reconnecting wall posts.
  • I loathe the friends suggestion box, because so often I see the same people that I don’t want to be friends with pop up repeatedly. Even JB’s ex-girlfriend was once suggested to me. Um, no thanks?
  • Then there was the day my slimeball ex-whatever-he-was showed up as a friend suggestion. I couldn’t click that little red x fast enough!
  • I actually had to figure out how to block one person in particular…she sent my husband SIX friend requests, despite him ignoring all of them.
  • I won’t even get into all the drama that goes along with deleting people, being deleted, or *gasp* being put on a list.
  • Re: drama…thinly veiled shots taken at you through status updates. Need I say more?
  • One more freakin’ Farmville notification, and I’m going to snap. I’m just sayin’.

But what really makes me laugh? The friend requests from people who obviously think they know you. I have gotten many requests from people that I don’t know, and I truly believe it’s because of my last name. (seems like everybody knows JB. Same goes for his sister.) I have gotten requests from guys that I’m not sure I remember, and when I click over to their page, I see they are only friends with women and they are always ‘single and looking’.

I just got both a message AND a friend request from one of those dudes. In the message, he apologized for ‘leaving me’ but he ‘had no choice because we were only 13’ and he ‘thought I was in love with Billy’. He then proceeded to tell me two places he’d moved to since 1989, and I am assuming he’s somewhere in South Carolina now (it’s hard to figure out because it’s that poorly written). This is all followed by his assurances that he has matured a lot over the years, and that we should ‘meet up for old times sake.’

Uh….skinny little redneck dude say what??

Once I caught my breath and the laughter had died down, I racked my brain. I know I kid about my memory being pretty much shot these days, but I definitely do NOT know this guy! If at one time I did know him, clearly he didn’t make too much of an impression on me. I’m so sorry he’s apparently lived all these years with the regret of breaking my heart by leaving when I was 13, and who the heck is Billy? I’m quite sure he has matured over the years, as proven by his Facebook wall littered with profanity and rants about Dale, Jr.

And I was sitting there wondering if it would be completely rude of me to reply back to him, “Do I know you?”

What do you think? Ignore it altogether or politely tell this guy he’s got the wrong girl?


3 thoughts on “Do I Know You?

  1. Hilarious post! I too have a love/hate relationship with FB. I try to keep my friend list to a certain number so every now and then I unfriend people I never talk too, never post, or I am not interested in and should never have accepted their request.

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