Brown Eyed Girl

We had a fairly dramatic afternoon. I’m telling ya, never a dull moment!

I was sitting in the living room, reading, and heard my daughter go into their bathroom. She was only in there a few minutes, and I just assumed that she was, oh, I don’t know, USING the bathroom.

Well, you know what they say about assuming.

I heard a crash, and I could tell it came from the bathroom.

I yelled out her name, and she came flying out of the bathroom, shot across the hall into her room, then immediately back tracked and ran to me…screaming that her eye was burning.

I asked her what she’d gotten into, and she refused to tell me. My son heard me and went into the bathroom and found the bottle of bathroom cleaner and brought it to me. She still continued to deny that’s what she’d done, until I did what I didn’t want to do…I told her we’d have to go to the hospital if she wouldn’t tell me so I could help her.

She finally told me tearfully that she was just trying to help me by cleaning their bathroom. Somehow, instead of spraying the toilet with the cleaner, she sprayed it into her face, and then dropped it. Good intentions gone awry…

I grabbed what I could find and got started flushing her eye out with water. Now, you can imagine the scene…and you’d probably be right, she was kicking and screaming and hollering something fierce. It was NOT going well. I’d already had Monkey call JB, and he was already on the way home. I called the poison control number, and they told me basically to do what I was doing, but also what to watch for later.

The kid reeked of cleaner, so I got her in the shower…where she proceeded to get soap in her eyes. Gah! JB got home, and we convinced her to let us irrigate her eye again…this time we wrapped her up in a towel so she wouldn’t keep throwing her hands up to her face, and one of us held her and the other did the irrigating, then we traded sides.

She just went to bed, and she assured us that her eye didn’t hurt anymore. It’s not even red now. I hope she does okay during the night.

Just when I think I have this parenting gig down pat…I’m thrown for a loop again!


4 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Girl

  1. Oh my goodness! Wow, I would have been so panicked. I think it is sweet that she was trying to help and I am so sorry she got hurt. I hope her eye is ok and nothing too serious happened. You are a good mommy and took good care of her!

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