School Days

Wooo hooo! Free at last, free at last!

Oh, erm…hi there!

What I meant to say is, the kids are back in school. They started Monday. We all started out early that morning, which surprised me…but don’t worry, we’ve totally made up for it by oversleeping every day since!

They were excited about the first day. We had already met all of their teachers last Thursday at open house, and they all seemed nice enough. Monkey was happy that the first friend he ever made here was going to be in his class again, and oddly enough, Diva has a boy in her class who is from our tiny little hometown. (yet, we aren’t sure we know his mom.)

And they are like I was in school…they loved getting new school supplies! (Yes, I was a geek…I loved new pencils and notebooks.) And yep, Diva has a Jonas Brothers lunch box. I’m sure nobody is really surprised. What you can’t see is that there is also a Jonas Brothers spiral notebook inside her bag.

School starts at 7:45 am. We thought we were doing pretty good by leaving home at 7:20 am, because we don’t live that far from the school. OMGah. The traffic getting there actually wasn’t that bad…but the driveway and parking lot? Complete and utter nightmare! People were parking their cars in the middle of traffic and just getting out. There were cars parked where there were no parking spaces. One crazy lady in front of us realized that somebody was backing out of a space behind her, so she threw her car in reverse and came so close to hitting us it scared me. JB was honking the horn at her like crazy and she just kept on coming! They then got into a weird angry waving and pointing fight, and I got fed up. It was 7:38 am, so the kids and I jumped out of the truck and high tailed it for the school. Crazy lady did end up getting the parking space, by the way.

I walked Monkey to his room first, and I would have snapped a picture…but I saw no other parents around and I didn’t want to totally embarrass him. Then I made the long trek two hallways over to go to Diva’s class…which happens to be the very last room on the hall! We got in there a just before 7:45 am, and the para helped me unload her bag and find her cubby. Then she found her desk and sat down, ready to start 1st grade. *Sniff*

That afternoon, I did my first pickup here. They rode the bus last year, so this was all new to me! I actually got there way too early, because at their last school, parents literally started lining up an hour before school let out…so I just drove through town and made a loop back to the school. I still ended up sitting in the car line for about 45 minutes.

They both proclaimed it their “best day ever”…so I take it they like 1st and 4th grade so far 🙂


6 thoughts on “School Days

  1. I am glad they enjoyed their first day. I also love new school supplies. My illness prevents me from doing things but I told my hubby I have to do the school supply shopping, there is just something about it. I am also a crayon snob I have to have crayola! Ahh new school supplies!

  2. Stopping by to say I LOVE your blog! Lots of sassy ideas! I would love it if you would add me to your blog list… you are already on mine! 🙂

    …visiting from Sassy Sites!
    (cause your blog is a sassy site!)

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