Maybe just a little denial…

Sunday, JB decided to have Diva try on her old tennis shoes. She just got them in April, and really, I figured they should fit her still…so the plan was to let her start school with those and get her some new ones later.

Yeah, right! The child’s big toe was smack at the end of the shoe! She’s pretty much worn nothing but sandals and flip flops all summer long…and well, I’ve kinda had other things on my mind lately, so I didn’t realize that she’d grown out of them.

So we made a quick trip to the shoe store that I had actually been thinking about checking out for a while…I love having good stores that I can shop in right here, instead of a long drive away! She was in a size 10, so I started pulling out 11s for her to try. None of them fit. We stood her on the little sizing carpet, and were shocked to see her foot fit perfectly on the size 12. So we found three pair of size 12s and she picked out her favorite pair. Naturally, they had some pink on them!

I know it’s just a pair of shoes. I know they will probably last her about 6 months and she’ll either grow out of them or ruin them.

But…she’s my baby! She’s not supposed to be this big yet. She should still have little bitty baby shoes, the kind I used to see and immediately go, “Awwww, how adorable! Isn’t this absolutely adorable, JB? We should buy them, they are only $80!”

I can’t believe I cried over a pair of shoes.

[disclaimer: no, we never bought either of our babies $80 shoes. JB would have had a conniption if I’d ever done that. but they were some seriously cute shoes. :)]


2 thoughts on “Maybe just a little denial…

  1. That is the same thing that happened here. I had no idea both of my daughter’s feet grew so much over the summer. They have been in sandals all summer long! Why do they have to grow so quick?

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