The One

I feel like I live in doctors offices these days!

Tuesday, I checked the kids out of school early (yes, on their second day…I’m sure the teachers *loved* me for that) and took them to see a new pediatrician for their yearly checkups. Now, don’t go thinking that we’ve lived here for 10 months and I haven’t found them a pediatrician yet! We have actually seen four different ones since we’ve been here, all in the same office here in town. They all seemed nice enough, and treated the children well…but I was pretty much spoiled by their doctor back home, and none of them measured up. So when it came time to schedule their checkups (I normally do this between Diva’s birthday and school starting) I did some digging around. I found one office in the city with several doctors, and almost all of them were on a list of the most highly recommended pediatricians…SCORE! I called to get an appointment, and I gave her three doctors to set us up with…we just couldn’t get in for a couple weeks.

JB tagged along with us so that we could both decide if this was “the one”. The office layout confused us at first, and we went into the wrong building. So yeah, that was when we realized there was more than one! A couple nurses got them started with hearing and eye exams, and then another came in to get their labwork done. Then the doctor came in…and the kids both loved him! We were there a LONG time, but he was also asking us a lot of questions about our medical background as well as the kids…so I’m sure it won’t take as long next time. JB and I really liked him too, and on the way out we both agreed that he had reminded us of another doctor back home (which is a good thing!) So I think we will be sticking with him from here on out.

I do have to call tomorrow to set up an appointment with the pediatric eye doctor for Monkey. This isn’t anything new for him, though. We’ve been sent to eye docs before, for the same thing. The one that we saw then said that he had intermittent exotropia but it wasn’t too much of a problem at that time. Our new pediatrician said it might possibly be leading to his headaches if it’s something he hasn’t grown out of, and he didn’t do the best on the eye exam.

So…my hope is that he doesn’t have my issues with eye docs!


2 thoughts on “The One

  1. My son had/has esotropia so I’m familiar with those docs too! I grieved mightily when Josiah outgrew his pediatric eye doctor/surgeon. (I wish you were here! You WOULD LOVE Dr. Groves!) But about the time that they commented on not having a treatment room large enough for my 6’5″ boy I knew it was time to move on! 🙂 Anyway … he has had 3 eye muscle surgeries so if you have to go that road and have questions … call me!

    P.S. I am not a know-it-all, I swear, you’ve just hit some of my hot-buttons lately! 🙂

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