And the saga continues…

On Thursday afternoon, I had my ECHO done. It wasn’t that big a deal, so I tried to tell myself, anyway. Of course, sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes with what appeared to be the residents of half a nursing home didn’t help my nervousness.

I watched the whole thing on her screen, but I really didn’t know what I was looking at most of the time. It, uh, looked cool though. Unfortunately, I don’t know the results of the ECHO, and I won’t until someone from the cardiologist’s office calls me this week. Blah.

I have tried not to rant on and on about my medical stuff lately, because I was boring myself with it all…but I did restart the thyroid medication at half the original dose just over a week ago. I feel like I am doing better with this smaller dose…in the sense that I don’t feel like I’m going to keel over from it, anyway. That said, I don’t think it’s helped the hypothyroid symptoms I’ve been having much. I’m such a worrier that I started wondering if they read my chest x-ray right, surely there has to be something in there causing all this…I had to stop and remind myself that they said it was normal. Anxiety bites.

On the TMI front, I spent several days with insane boob pain…apparently, it’s not a common side effect of the thyroid meds, but it can happen. (And of course, it would happen to ME.) So I have cut my caffeine intake drastically and I’m taking a bit of Vitamin E and finally that’s better. It’s a good thing I spend the day alone after taking the kids to school, because I’m sure that I’m a raving lunatic without my caffeine.

I haven’t taken my blood pressure medication for an entire week because I suspected that it, along with the thyroid meds, were bottoming me out (even though I checked for any interactions between the two pills online)…and my BP has actually been great all week without it. Friday, I had a massive migraine that just would NOT go away, and I finally broke down and took my migraine medicine that night…and my chest hurt that whole night. So I’m guessing those two medications don’t play well together either…for me anyway.

But…on the plus side, I have had energy to get my house back in order this week! Having the kids home every day all summer long had turned this place into a disaster zone 🙂


4 thoughts on “And the saga continues…

  1. Definitely praying for good test results. In the meantime a few lessons I have learned on the Hypothyroid journey … (take or leave as you wish)

    1. Watch for soy (especially soy protein) it’s everywhere and it has a decidedly negative impact on thyroid function

    2. Many people are also sensitive to peanuts (totally not fair)

    3. Many meds , including over the counter, do interfere, interact with thyroid hormone. Try taking your thyroid medicine (by itself) as soon as you get up (empty stomach) and postpone taking any other meds for at least 30 minutes. No eating for 30 minutes either.

    4. Magnesium in particular interferes with thyroid hormone. If I take a magnesium supplement (or a vitamin with magnesium in it) I take it at the opposite end of the day from when I take synthroid.

    5. Many people have better success on Natural Thyroid Replacement (Armor) than synthetic. It has become difficult to obtain, except at compounding pharmacies though. My doctor finally insisted that I switch to Synthroid about a year ago. I wasn’t happy but I have adjusted.

    Wishing you well!


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