Stop the Bite!

Diva has been a thumb sucker since she was about 3 months old.

She started the habit after she kept almost continuous ear infections, and sucking on a pacifier seemed to hurt her ears. I didn’t stress too much about when she was a baby. I was so sure it wouldn’t be too hard to break the habit when the time came. After all, she really only did it when she was sleepy…

Was I ever wrong!

This child has continued to suck that thumb…and not just when she’s sleepy either. It drives me nuts to see that thumb in her mouth. We tried so many different things…hot sauce (she actually liked it and wanted more), icky fingernail polish, nail polish remover, socks over her hands, you name it, we probably tried it. Nothing worked.

She has given herself blisters on that thumb, which we had to treat and bandage up for weeks. She’s just about ruined that fingernail, and has a weird discoloration on it. Our dermatologist friend said it was likely a fungal thing caused by the sucking, but the treatment would do more harm than good so we would just watch it. The new pediatrician we saw last week (who we LOVED, by the way) said he didn’t think it was fungal, but likely just nail damage.

A good friend of mine, who also has a 5 year old former thumb sucker, told me about this nail polish she got at Walmart. She said this stuff broke her daughter of the thumb sucking habit within a week! I knew I had to try it. Enter: Hoof Hands!

I have to admit, I laughed when I first heard the name of it…but that wasn’t going to stop me from giving it a shot. She warned me though, that this stuff tasted NASTY. Oh, she wasn’t kidding! We found it in our local store, and immediately came home and painted her nails with it. It just looks like a regular clear polish.

Just for kicks, JB put a stroke of it on his fingernail…and after it dried, he actually licked it…and gagged! He was grabbing drinks and crackers to try to get the taste out of his mouth. Later, I suspected she had rubbed her fingernails against her cheek…because after kissing her cheek, I got this AWFUL taste in my mouth…and an even worse aftertaste!

The next morning, she woke up and sprinted to the kitchen to get something to drink. She wouldn’t admit it, but we suspected she’d sleepily put her thumb in her mouth and got a nasty little shock!

I am extremely happy to report that she has not sucked her thumb since…and we are going on almost 2 weeks!


2 thoughts on “Stop the Bite!

  1. It’s great that you’re doing what you can to stop that. My kids’ cousin was always a thumbsucker and still sucks her thumb sometimes as an adult. But being a thumbsucker for so long made her teeth grow in around her thumb… no joke. when she bites down there is a perfect circle, she has to eat food on the side, she can’t bite down on steak, for instance, because the gap is so bad.

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