Show Me What I’m Looking For: July and August

The most recent interesting referrals leading people to my site…July was a little slim, because I set my blog to block search engines during a spam attack, and while I cleaned up some old posts. So I’m combining two months here.

  • life so (this one was a Bing search…naturally I was the first link it showed. For the record, the second link is DEFINITELY NOT mine!)
  • colorstrology blackberry (I have a colorstrology post, and I do love my Blackburreh, but I fail to see how the two are connected.)
  • so lovely (that’s only half my name, dearies…but thanks for visiting so often from this search.)
  • my oh so lovely life (I have to wonder if it’s the same person searching this term repeatedly.)
  • life is lovely
  • sahm with hypothyroidism (yep, I has it.)
  • ex showed up on friend suggestion (oh, yes, that has happened to me. RED X, RED X!)

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