Fresh Start

Happy New Year

Well…sort of a fresh start.

I took a while off from blogging. I’d like to say I didn’t think much about the blog situation…but I did from time to time. I thought about starting a new blog under a pseudonym, and actually did and wrote a couple posts there. But it didn’t feel right, so I deleted it.

There’s a lot of reasons I was feeling a bit restricted and blah…

  1. For one thing, we had a LOT of family drama happening that I was itching to write about and vent…but I was worried about who might be reading it.
  2. I’ve been doing this bloggin’ thing for 10 years now, and I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it away from my personal life during most of that time. That is, until my husband started reading it. Since then, my little blog has been nearly outed so many times it’s not funny.
  3. My husband started reading. Don’t get me wrong, I have NO secrets from him. But it creeped me out to see his work IP address peering at several pages at a time. I can’t explain it really; it’s just that when he would come home and start quoting stuff that I’d written, it just felt incredibly weird.
  4. The introvert in me started rearing her head again. It’s something I’ve wondered about for a while now. Do I want tons of readers, or do I want a handful? Sometimes I’m baffled at the idea that anybody wants to read my posts. But there are some of y’all who do and I am thankful for all of you!
  5. Things were getting out of hand! My Google Reader was a nightmare, to be perfectly honest. It got so bad that I literally felt panic at the thought of opening it, and I was clicking ‘mark all as read’ more often than not. At the same time I decided to take a blog break, I cleared out my subscriptions…only keeping the ones that I find myself visiting often anyway. So just because I haven’t been commenting much lately, doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading my faves.
  6. I was getting that ‘I don’t fit in’ feeling again. Nothing against anybody who does reviews, giveaways, meme’s, and blog hops. I was just tired of it. I have done my share of meme’s and hops, but I was seeing some blogs doing nothing but those four things and that was it. I ended up skipping over every single one of those types of posts.

So what’s changing? I have decided that with a fresh start, I don’t need 10 years worth of archives behind me. I backed those up and stored them on my external hard drive. There will be no followers box. I will get up the RSS link and an email subscription link. I do enjoy doing the Writer’s Workshop, so when one of those prompts sparks my interest I’ll do those. Otherwise, it’s just gonna be me and mine. The way I started all those many years ago.


5 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Well I’m still here. I just got your email. I rarely check my email anymore. I’ve stepped a bit away from blogging myself, I think it was getting out of hand. But I’m keeping mine because I’m certain I will turn to it again when my husband deploys.

  2. I got your email too! Thanks!

    I love it. I too thought about dropping the followers box. If people want to follow, they still can via their on GFC account.

    As far as giveaways, I have definitely slowed down and wonder what this year brings to my own blog. I am quickly getting tired of the review thing, especially since that is not why I began blogging in the first place. I agree with you on the meme thing. I really enjoy the personal posts…getting to really know other people.

    Why do our husbands out us? Mine does all the time and it drives me CRAZY! Now when I post something (or want to post something) I have to think back to who reads my blog.

  3. These things make sense. I dont have a problem with my husband reading my blog (he rarely does anyways) BUT I understand WHY you did it because I do feel that way about my mom and my MIL reading! I have so many things I want to write about that I feel like I cant because I know they are/might be reading. Yikes!

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