Cleanin' House!

Twitter I spent a good chunk of yesterday cleaning up my Twitter account.

My husband often asked me how I managed to get 350+ followers on Twitter. I always told him that I really didn’t do anything at all! People just find you on there. Let’s not even get started on the spam bots that auto follow you when you tweet about certain things. Kindle? iPhone?  Blackberry? Oh, yeah…expect the auto follow spammers. I’ve even gotten some of those from mentioning migraines or panic attacks.

My biggest pet peeves on Twitter:

  • Obviously, the auto follow bots and spammers are supremely annoying.
  • Auto DM’s. Though I have to admit, I don’t get nearly as many of these things as I used to.
  • People who aren’t celebrities, but clearly think they are. Whatever. You put your pants on one leg at a time, just like me.
  • People who never reply back. I find myself not talking to (and unfollowing) some people on Twitter for the simple fact that, when I have tweeted something to them, it is pretty much ignored. I know I sometimes miss mentions here and there, but at least I try to respond to them.
  • Constant rough language. I’m not a prude. I’ve been known to throw cuss words out without thinking. But seriously? You can’t send out one tweet without a nasty word in it? Really?
  • Complainers. I get it, we all have bad days. I’ve been there. But black clouds following you around day after day after day? I understand venting, but some people have NOTHING nice to say about anybody or anything at all.
  • Follow Friday retweeters. Yay, you’re popular on Twitter! Lots of people mentioning you in Follow Friday tweets! Good for you. But don’t retweet of them so everyone has to see how many you got. Reply thanks, and get over yourself.
  • Nothing but Foursquare posts. I am on Foursquare, but I don’t ‘check in’ every single place I go. Why give any would-be stalkers easy access to me? I unfollowed two people yesterday that when I looked through their tweets, there was nothing but Foursquare check-ins for the last month solid. And I care…why?

And so…by the time I was done yesterday, I had dropped my following count from over 200 to 153 (and that number might go down again soon.) I cleaned out my followers count from 350+ to…wait for it…169. (And then today I got two new random followers. Go figure.)

What are some of your Twitter gripes?


3 thoughts on “Cleanin' House!

    • I like Twitter, at least 90% of the time 😉 No real benefit for me, other than getting to tweet some things I wouldn’t want to put on my Facebook! lol

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