Getting Old Sucks!

So…it’s been a relatively peaceful few months for me, health wise, anyway.

The thyroid was seemingly working right again with the help of medication. One curse of getting older is a faulty memory, and therefore I can’t remember exactly when I last had my levels checked…but I’m thinking it was sometime in September. Maybe October. Who knows?

My latest issue is, yet again, one that has me scratching my head. It’s one of those things that you worry about looking like an idiot when you tell the doctor your symptoms! Here’s the rundown…

  • Monday: We went to the gym. I overdid it a bit. I admit it.
  • Tuesday: I skipped the gym because I hurt so bad all over, I couldn’t even begin to think about going. Just achy, sore feeling.
  • Wednesday: By midday, my head started feeling funky. When I say funky, I mean…and here goes the crazy sounding part…it felt like my forehead was burning. I’m serious. I assumed that I was either getting a migraine or maybe it was another sinus infection starting (none of the sinus issues I’ve had since having the thyroid problem have been normal.) I spent the afternoon laid out on the couch, taking ibuprofen, but the burning feeling never really went away.
  • Thursday: I woke up feeling okay. I took JB to the eye doctor (more about that later), got insanely frustrated with that place, then picked up some stuff at Target before picking the kids up from school. We went to the gym around 5 pm. When we got there, it was crazy hot inside the gym, and when I started my jog on the treadmill, within a few minutes I felt sickish…like slightly nauseated, hot, dizzy. I slowed it down and just did my walk and felt alright.

Aaaand then last night happened. I haven’t had a rough night like this since first starting the thyroid medication on a dose that was too high for me. My head was burning. My neck and shoulders were burning. My arm kept falling asleep. I kept feeling nauseated. Then I’d get up and walk around, and most of it would go away. Lay back down, it all started again. After finally getting to sleep sometime around 3 am, all I could do this morning was cry when the alarm went off at 6:30. Thankfully, JB took the kids to school for me.

Now that I’m up moving around, I feel some better. Not normal, but compared to last night, better. My head still feels funky and now I’m stuffy. I’ve talked to my SIL with the thyroid problem, she says this doesn’t sound like anything she’s ever dealt with. I’m also wondering if maybe I’ve knocked something out of whack, pinched a nerve or something.

Okay. Dr’s office is finally open…time to call and hopefully not sound insane.

*edited to add* Back from the doctor. He didn’t think I was crazy! (At least, he didn’t say it out loud if he did.) I do have a sinus infection. And I probably have either strained something or inflamed something from working out so much at the gym. Both things together are probably what caused me to feel so horrible last night/this morning. He did draw my thyroid levels again (it was apparently time for a recheck anyway) just to make sure there’s nothing going on with that too. I’ll go back Wednesday to see how that is. In the meantime, it’s just antibiotics, rest, and NO gym for me for a bit.


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