Your Mom’s on Facebook!

I’ve heard about people freaking out when they get a friend request from their mother on Facebook. I totally understand why some people might have a problem with that!

Personally, I don’t have that problem. My mom is on my Facebook friends list, and I’m absolutely cool with that. Before she was on Facebook, I didn’t post things on mine that I wouldn’t want her to see anyway. It’s actually better for me that she is on there, because now she can see all the pictures of the kids that I post (when I remember to do it these days) and she loves reading my random little status updates when one of them does something so funny I have to tell everybody.

That said, the day I got a friend request from my mother-in-law, I went into full on panic mode. Not only had she, at one time, sworn that the day she joined Facebook would be the day hell froze over…I knew that I had vented about some of our problems with her on there. Not that I ever mentioned her by name, of course, but really…it wouldn’t have been too difficult to figure out who I was referring to. I knew if I didn’t accept her friend request, she would somehow further attempt to make my life a nightmare. Before I approved her, I madly flew through pages and pages of statuses, deleting anything that might be taken the wrong (or right) way. She also automatically went on a special list, reserved for the majority of JB’s family, so that when I post something that I don’t particularly want to share with them I just have to click the button to say, ‘except these people’. I use that button A LOT.

Okay…so I’m cool with having my mom on my Facebook. I’m not so cool with having my monster-in-law on there, but I’m dealing with it. (Funny thing is, my mother and MIL are not Facebook friends…they can’t stand each other.)

But…what do you do when your mother becomes friends with your ex-boyfriend’s mom?

Truths: I did date this guy back in high school; I haven’t seen him since I was 16; I haven’t talked to him since I was 17, when he called out of the blue wanting to go out again, even though I was already dating JB by then.

I have no idea where he is now, whether he is married, divorced, single, whatever. I do know he has at least one kid, because I spent two whole days when I worked in the hospital asking not to be assigned to him and his baby mama, running for the hills every time I saw their room door open, and purposely avoiding running into the awkwardness that would be talking to him.

Then Saturday morning, I logged into Facebook and skimmed my news feed page. And stopped everything when I saw that little line telling me that my mom and his mom are now Facebook buddies. What the what?

I didn’t even know they KNEW each other. It’s just full of weirdness. It’s like that time I found out she was exchanging emails with another ex’s mom…the creepy part about that is they were talking genealogy. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion as to why that truly made me want to vomit.* It’s like a betrayal, MOM.

This is SO gonna be brought up in our weekly phone conversation.

[*Yes, I’m southern, but no, I’m not related to any of my ex’s! They were actually just talking about county history, but again, I had no idea they knew each other, and it just bugged me. However, since he is the one ex that I want to avoid more than anyone else, should our moms ever discover each other on Facebook, it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong.]


5 thoughts on “Your Mom’s on Facebook!

  1. My mom keeps making noises about joining Facebook. She wants me to show her what it is. I love my mom dearly, but don’t want to be her friend there. She watches our kids so I see her almost daily anyway, but still.

    • My mom didn’t become one of my friends there until after we moved…so I guess after not seeing us nearly as much, she felt the need to join FB!

  2. My mum and my MIL are on Facebook too..anyway do you know that you can tweak your post options so that certain posts can’t be seen by certain individuals. I use that a lot 😛

  3. I think there needs to be a Facebook Etiquette book. Rules to who you are and are not allowed to be friends with. I noticed one day that my cousin is friends with my ex-boyfriend that not only cheated on me, but I broke up with him because he raised his fist at me. We use to live together. Now, why would my cousin be friends with him? Of course, I talked to my cousin and he defriended my ex.

    The MIL thing, I know how you feel. That happened with me, but on Twitter. Good luck!

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