Put Your Hands Up!

Raise the Roof: phrase used to express a desire to get a party started. Often followed by the phrase “off the hook.”

~ Urban Dictionary

For anyone who is keeping score…my daughter is grounded. Again.

I’m starting to feel like I can’t win for losing with this kid! She’s always been a handful, but lately…she’s making me crazy. In January alone, she has been grounded three times. And the month ain’t over yet, people. There’s still time for her to pull out one more shot at it, I’m sure.

Granted…some of her most recent behavior might be related to the fact that she woke up Saturday morning with a cold. So maybe she didn’t feel so hot on Friday when she was ‘hollering’ at another student, not following directions, and not listening to the teacher. Doesn’t necessarily explain her excessive talking getting her in trouble on Thursday.

And because I felt so awful Friday, I never checked her bag until Sunday night…which is when I saw that she got in big trouble Friday and she never said a word to me about it. And so…she’s grounded AGAIN.

Now when I say grounded, I really mean that she is on restriction from certain things. (My mother hates it when I say that I grounded her. I don’t know why…she used to ground me.) She gets no TV time, no games, no radio, no outside play time after school. I have essentially taken away her WHOLE LIFE for a WHOLE WEEK and she is NOT MY FRIEND ANY MORE. Wah wah. So she comes home, does her homework, her chores, and then whatever does not involve TV, video games, or radio. Basically, all her favorite things (minus 1001 Barbie dolls.)

The length of time she’s grounded varies according to what she’s done…I have just done it for a couple days, but since this time she was on ‘red’, which is one tiny step away from being sent to the principal’s office, it was a much bigger deal.

Today, she’s on ‘yellow’. Which is better than red, of course, but still. Green is good. The reason? She was talking during a test and “woo hoo” ing loudly in class.

After I stepped back into the kitchen (because naturally, I had to go bust out laughing in the back of the house so she wouldn’t see me), I asked her to explain her behavior to me.

Cue my 6 year old raising the roof and shouting, “Woo hoo!” Oh, I wish I was kidding. I’m so not.


Sometimes, I don’t know what’s worse…what my daughter did, or the wording her teacher/para uses to describe it to me.


3 thoughts on “Put Your Hands Up!

  1. Wow. I have missed alot. I’m all “weird that she hasn’t updated” and then yesterday I get the update that your blog has moved and I was all… “oooooo yeeeaaaaahhhh” haha.

    I should updated my feed reader!

    I know you’re going to WOO HOO when I do!

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