Ten Years

Today, my sweet little boy turns 10 years old.

 Two days old

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor…because I still can’t believe it!

He is so excited about this birthday…I think more than any other birthday he’s ever had. He’s all about the double digits these days. He’s been talking about it non stop for a week!

We started “celebrating” a little early this past weekend, when Super Museum Sunday coincided with a beautiful weekend…and we took the kids to several museums around the city. The boy LOVES the art museum and the train museum, so he really enjoyed it.

He’s not having an actual party this year. He decided he would rather have a couple friends and his cousins sleep over here instead. So next weekend, I will have my high strung daughter plus 6 boys under my roof. Yes, I have apparently lost my mind.

This weekend is his Pinewood Derby race (for Scouts, he and his dad have been working on the cars for weeks.) And grandparents are planning to come for a visit here. Um, all four of them. Again, I have apparently lost my mind.

Happy Birthday my little monkey!

Double Digits!


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