I would like to say that I haven’t posted much because there hasn’t been much going on…but truthfully, I haven’t posted much because I’ve been busy. Your definition of busy might vary a bit from mine, but still.

This past weekend, we went to my son’s district Pinewood Derby races. If you follow me on Twitter, you might already know that I was NOT having a good time there. Disorganization at its finest! It was crowded, hot, full of people we didn’t know, and, well…extremely unorganized. We got there way too early because my husband was rushing us out of the house that day. So my daughter and I just sat in uncomfy chairs at the back while the boys spent an HOUR going through the registration line twice (because the district’s scale for the cars was so off it wasn’t funny.) I spent that time feeling dangerously close to a panic attack, which was weird for me…because I haven’t felt like that in ages. Anyway, when the time got closer for my son’s group to race, I probably ticked some folks off because I spotted empty chairs in the front row and made a beeline to get them before anyone else did. Snooze, ya lose, right? I simply couldn’t stand being stuck in the middle of all those people. I guess my cosmic payback came in the form of Miss Know It All Loud Mouth who sat behind me the rest of the time. Such is life, I suppose. Anyway…my son didn’t bring home any trophies this time, but he still raced very well.

That night, the in-laws showed up. I don’t necessarily mean they showed up by surprise, because we sort of knew they were coming. Well, at least they had mentioned they might come that weekend, but we never heard from them again about it. Then Saturday evening we found out they had been talking/texting my son on his phone about it, instead of talking to us. Lovely. Despite that snafu, it was a relatively nice visit. They stayed until about 1 pm Sunday. Only one dig was made in my direction, and I have to admit that I was a little proud of myself for just pretending like I didn’t hear it. A few years ago I’d been hoppin’ mad about what darling MIL said.

One thing that has kept me pretty busy is that I took on a spring cleaning project that was clearly way over my head. I’ve never had a tile floor before. I loathe our floor, but I’m stuck with it for the time being. Even though I sweep/vacuum religiously, and mop at least once a week, I had noticed that the tiles were looking really dingy…especially in the part of the kitchen were I cook and clean dishes and such. Since I had mopped and mopped and mopped after clumsily knocking over my nephew’s drink a week earlier and was still sticking to the floor…I decided to get a scrub brush and just clean it by hand. Oh my. Had I realized what an insanely huge job this would turn out to be, I probably would never have done it. Huge difference in the way the floor looks! By the end of the second day, my back was hurting so much I could barely move…but knowing that my neat freak MIL was possibly visiting, I couldn’t leave the floor half done. It took an entire week, and skipping the gym the entire time because I hurt so much, but I finally got the kitchen floor sparkling clean. The downside? The same tile floor is in the living room and laundry room, and looks awful compared to the kitchen. No way could I do that on my own.

So here’s where the shopping part comes in. Y’all knew I’d have to talk shopping at some point right? JB had told me to look for a steam mop/hard floor cleaner. Tar-zhay had the one I was eyeballing on sale this week, but they were out of stock in our store. So I went to the internets. I could have ordered it from Tar-zhay and paid $148, and gotten a little back from Ebates. But then I found the exact same floor cleaner on Amazon, on sale for $130 and qualified for the free shipping option. Plus, I had $36 saved up in gift cards from Swagbucks…so I ended up ordering the cleaner for about $94. Duh, winning!

[Please excuse the now cliched Charlie Sheen reference. I just had to.]

My cheap frugal shopping has rubbed off on my family. My mom’s signed up for a coupon class in our hometown this weekend, JB used a coupon code to order me a new laptop (uh, yay early birthday present!), and the same week he used a coupon code to order a hitch for my Durango (long story), and then my son went to Game Stop to spend some of his birthday money and walked out with 5 games (PS2 and Wii) for $35. Saving money for the win 😉


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