Ready for the Weekend!

Road trip alert! We are hometown bound this weekend. I’m so ready!

I’ve been itching to get back for a while now…we haven’t been there since mid December. I’m seriously missing some people right about now! We’ve had grandparents and cousins visiting us since then, but I haven’t seen my friends from home in ages. One of my good friends has been sending me all kinds of messages telling me she’s missing me like crazy and WHEN AM I COMING HOME ALREADY??

We’ve got a trip planned in April for my cousin’s wedding, but due to the time of the wedding, going out with the girls while I’m  there isn’t likely to happen. Then there’s a trip at the end of May, but that one is always reserved for my mom’s family reunion. With gas prices hovering around a million dollars a gallon, I had no idea when I’d be able to talk JB into letting me go visit home.

Then my SIL told us about our nephew’s birthday party this coming Saturday. So we are going for that reason primarily…but immediately I got the word out to my friends that I was coming to town, get ready, make plans accordingly! (I also found out just recently about my cousin’s future bride’s wedding shower the same day, but I’d already gotten all our plans in motion. I don’t know her that well, and I’ll be seeing her in a couple weeks anyway…so sending my gift via my mother.)

I’m not looking forward to the four hour drive both ways, or filling up the gas tank twice…but the in-between will be much worth it.


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