Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

This week (plus a day or two) has been, um…interesting.

Last week:

  • We temporarily lost our minds and went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade here. Let’s just say that as soon as we got home, I took some Excedrin and a shower. I felt like I reeked of cigarette smoke and beer, and I personally took part in neither of those things. Next year, I’ll just watch the insanity on TV.
  • JB finally started his new MS med last Monday! So far, he has done well on it, no side effects.
  • I have been talking a lot to an old friend from high school recently. She is trying to get a job transfer and move here going. We were practically inseparable for years, so even though we haven’t talked as much over the last several years I am so unbelievably excited about this! She actually *just* messaged me to tell me she was looking at a rental house in my neighborhood!

Last weekend, we went home to visit some friends and family.

  • My parents home is in a state of chaos as they are smack in the middle of renovation. They have no front porch, so lugging all of our junk from the truck to the back yard and up the deck steps to get in the back door was an adventure. I am seriously hoping we can use the front door again when we visit for my cousin’s wedding soon.
  • My third nephew’s birthday party/campout was the same weekend. It was a good party, I got exceptionally annoyed at  mosquitos and my SIL’s seemingly endless stream of irritating dogs, but it was all good.
  • I was able to go to lunch with some of my friends earlier that day. Oh it was so good to see them! One of them I haven’t talked to much since we moved, so it surprised me that she came to lunch, but I was glad she did. After lunch, I enjoyed my rare child free day (since JB had taken the kids fishing with my dad) going shopping with the girls. Didn’t buy anything, but it was still fun Winking smile

This week:

  • Crazy scary storms abound. Dear Mother Nature, we needed rain. We didn’t need hail, thunderstorms, lightening, wind, and huge tree limbs falling in the backyard. Nor did we ask for insomnia because of all the crazy scary storms that flare up in the middle of the night. So let’s just stop all that, k?
  • Fires abound as well…Lots of places around southern Georgia are dealing with fires right now. There’s one a couple counties away from us, that we were getting smoke from…but then one afternoon I kept seeing fire trucks flying by our house several times. I later learned that there were three brush fires within a few miles of us. At the same time. Um, scary.
  • I know I’m not alone in this, but the pollen is killin’ me. I have been on Singulair since last summer, and for a while I felt like maybe that was helping me get through the pollen season this year…but either it’s not working anymore or this crap is really hitting me hard this week. My inhaler ran out, and I hit up my daughter’s nebulizer yesterday. I read something this weekend about allergic asthma. I’ve been very hesitant to lump myself in with asthma up to this point, but this article made me think about the fact that I could likely have allergic asthma. The family doc I’ve been seeing has been good about treating my thyroid issue and giving me the Singulair and such, but now I’m wondering if I might should see an allergist or an ENT. I really would like the weight to get OFF my chest now, k thnx.

Yeah, so…that’s life in a nutshell at the moment Winking smile


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