Song Stuck In My Head

My cousin posted on Facebook last night about having a song in her head and she couldn’t remember the name of the singers or the song. But she went on and on describing what the singers looked like, that they were married, and the woman was possibly from another country. Um, okay.

I said nothing because I had absolutely NO clue what she was talking about. I’m still laughing when I think about how descriptive and yet confusing she was about this.

Then a couple hours later, she apparently figured it out and posted this video on her Facebook wall. Glen Hansard, Falling Slowly.

Love. This. Song.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I had never once heard this song until Kris Allen sang it on American Idol. Y’all remember how obsessed I was with Kris Allen around that time…and this is still the version of the song I have on my iPod simply because I fell in love with it.

That said, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox did a good job with the song later on…but theirs has never been my fave.

As if this song wasn’t stuck in my head already, it definitely is now thanks to listening to different versions of it this morning…


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