Feeling Funky

What? I have a blog?

I had so forgotten that! I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, having my own little private pity party…maybe one of these days I’ll be able to yank myself back out of it. Apparently, I decided to try out a new template before abandoning this place…totally forgot about that one too!

When we last left off, I was planning a trip home for my cousin’s wedding (it was pretty, freakin’ hot, their first dance was to Big Green Tractor, and I broke a toenail when I slipped and slammed my foot against something very unyielding.)

In the (almost) month since then, JB has had to work on that toenail of mine twice…I broke it in such a way that it was pretty much split down the middle, and my resourceful man has actually superglued, sanded, superglued some more, and painted over my shattered toenail. It’s rather comical to think about, but painting over it every day with several coats of polish just to keep it together wasn’t cutting it. Thank goodness my nails grow lightening fast, in a couple weeks the split should hopefully be grown out enough to trim and be done with it.

I also had a birthday. I turned 34. Let’s not speak of it again, please and thank you. I will say that my husband gave me an awesome gift…tickets to a Tim McGraw/Luke Bryan concert. I’m not the biggest country music fan, but man oh man I love me some Tim McGraw. This was the second time I have seen him in concert. Luke Bryan is actually from a town very close to where I’m from, and the guy who plays the guitar in his band was one of JB’s good friends from our hometown. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 🙂 From here on out, I will revert to being 29 forever.

We were not able to go home for the Easter holiday and spend it with our families. I think this upset certain people, because they think we just spend a million bucks on gasoline to burn up the roads with. Unfortunately, we can’t, and I had just been home for the wedding two weekends before that.

The next week was the kids spring break. We went nowhere…but luckily JB managed to get our pool set up so we spent a fair amount of time swimming that week. My mom had taken vacation so she could spend some time with the kids (either back home or here) so we were excited when she said she was driving up to spend a few days…but then their air conditioner quit Easter Sunday, and $4000 later, they have a whole new A/C unit installed. That, along with the neverending renovation of their house meant that Mama couldn’t spare the extra money to make the trip…plus it took three days to get the freakin’ new unit in.

So yeah, I guess between turning another year older and missing my family…a funk would be expected.


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