That Episode of Punk'd

Yesterday was one of those horrendous days when nothing goes right and you wish you’d never gotten out of bed.

We overslept, making us run late for school drop off. The kids argued the entire time, which only served to make my mood that much worse.

As soon as I dropped them off at school, I headed for the grocery store. I don’t normally wait this far into the week for this particular store, but I hadn’t felt well for a couple days so groceries were the last thing on my mind. I had spent quite some time the night before planning my list, getting my coupons together, and have everything ready to go straight there that morning.

Shopping went well. It was the 30 minute checkout that burned me up. There was ONE cashier at a register, but she wasn’t “open”. I asked if she would be open soon, she told me no, but that the person overseeing the self checkout lines could take me. I said I could wait, but she assured me that it would be a while. I was thoroughly confused, it’s not like I was in there at the butt crack of dawn and they weren’t ready for shoppers…by the time I was ready to check out it was 8:30 a.m. and they’d been open for an hour.

I very reluctantly went to the self checkout line. Normally, I avoid these things like the plague. Technology is grand and all, but these things make me feel incredibly stupid. I can see how they’d be a timesaver for someone buying just a few things…but I had 45 items in my cart. The store was having their Mega Event sale, and I’d heard someone say before they’d had trouble getting their sale amounts off in the self check line. I specifically asked the overseer about this, and she reassured me that it would be right.

So I proceeded to feel like the world’s biggest idiot as I fought with the stupid self checkout thing for half an hour. Ever so often, the overseer would notice that I was getting more and more pissed off, and she’d click some button on her computer that would fix whatever issue I was having with mine. I noticed that they were making everyone use the self checkout lines…and I wasn’t the only one ticked about it either. Once I was FINALLY done scanning, she scanned my card and coupons, some of which she couldn’t get to work because of their new e-coupon policy (which I also think is quite stupid, but that’s neither here nor there.) By the end of the transaction, I was paying almost $20 more than what I had intended, but I was so upset and flustered that I didn’t have the presence of mind to try to figure out what had gone wrong. The last straw was when I glanced up to see a man standing in one of the regular check out lines waiting, and they called out, she’ll be right with you sir! Um, you just made me go through 30 minutes of tortuous hell and you’re just gonna run right over and check out that one man??

I left the store in a huge huff, not realizing that I big pack of toilet paper had managed to fall off the bottom of the cart when I hit the bump  in the parking lot. I was loading all my stuff into the back of my truck, fuming the whole time, and the man who got checked out in the regular line came rushing up to me holding my big pack of TP. I was mortified, of all things, it was TP. And then I think I recognized him as the owner of the gym I go to. And then he asked me if I was one of those “coupon Susies”.  No words, people. There are just no words. Whether it was the horrible morning I was having, or running into him in the middle of that horrible morning…I didn’t go to the gym until way later in  the day. ha.

Once I got home, I’m lugging all my grocery bags into the house. Admittedly, I was the one doing my own bagging, and I was just throwing crap into bags to get done…so it’s my fault…but two bags just up and broke on me, spilling Capri Suns and Campbell’s soup cans out on the driveway. By then my temper had full on busted loose…and I am still amazed I didn’t smash all the cabinet doors as I slammed them shut putting all my stuff away.

I clean when I’m mad. I always have, and it’s actually when I get my best cleaning done. A few years ago, I spent almost two whole days in a pretty little rage, and scrubbed every single baseboard in my entire house. Anyway, yesterday I attacked my kitchen and the fridge. Oh, and the tops of the cabinets. Sparkling clean kitchen, and the questionable, slightly blackened bell pepper is no more. Gag.

I calmed down, and went to pick up the kids from school. Yay, extremely little homework! I thought to myself, “this day is looking up.” They reminded me they had timed math challenges to practice, so I went to print off the sheets for them…and the damn printer wouldn’t work. I had *just* used the printer the night before, so I have no idea what is up with it…but I never got it to print. So I wrote out 380 math problems for both of them to practice on. And then checked them all to see how they did. HAND CRAMP.

Last night, I finally looked at the store receipt and figured out the jokers gypped me $15 because the self checkouts don’t take off the Mega Event savings. (like the overseer assured me they did.) So one trip to customer service later and that issue is resolved.

There was a lot more trivial things that happened that I didn’t mention. Yesterday was like a comedy of errors. I might have laughed a bit had it been happening to someone else, even though I know it would be mean.

Luckily, today is going better. It couldn’t have gotten too much worse.


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