Comedic Kids

There’s rarely a dull moment in this house. Trouble is, I often forget to write down the best comedic moments my kids give me…so here I jotted these down within minutes of them happening.

Scene: Daughter shoots into the bathroom and slams the door like something is wrong.

Mom: (opening the door) What’s wrong?

Daughter: Ah! Get out! Don’t look at me! I need privacy!

Scene: A few minutes later, she comes out demanding to know why I had “invaded her privacy”.

Mom: Girl, I changed your diapers.

Daughter: Nah uh! I changed my OWN diapers.

Mom: Whatever, honey.


Scene: Son swishes his Justin Beiber like hair out of his eyes, and I see a long scrape on his forehead from his latest tangle with his sister…I take him to the bathroom to put some antibiotic ointment on it (after securing his luscious locks back with one of my baby clips, mwahaha)

Son: But Mom! I don’t want it to heal up, I want to look like Harry Potter!


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