The Longest Last Day

Yesterday was the day.

The last day of school. Also? Awards Day.

This year they posted the specific times that each group’s awards would be given out. They combined Kindergarten and First, then Second and Third, and finally, Fourth and Fifth grades. So that’s technically three different awards ceremonies.

Unfortunately, this year we had a kid in the first group…and we had a kid in the very last group. So lucky us, we got there at 7:30, got great seats in the first row, and sat there until 12:30 pm. We didn’t dare get up together and walk around, because people were flying into open seats left and right. (these people don’t play.)

My darling daughter got an award in English, Science, Citizenship (although I’m gonna admit right here and now LOTS of kids get Citizenship awards). She also got a medal for being on Honor Roll all year. I had to laugh at the child because every time she got up for an award, she would get the fist pumping going. I never got a picture of it because I was too busy laughing…but I did get this one:


My son at least gave me one good smile as he walked in to his awards ceremony…and then proceeded to act like I wasn’t there the rest of the time. Sigh. I guess he’s reached that age. But he got awards in P.E., Citizenship, Math, and Perfect Attendance. That last one baffles me, because my kids never manage perfect attendance all year long. He was, um, much more subdued than his sister.

We then had to travel down two hallways to find teachers for the obligatory end of the year pictures, and naturally they didn’t want to stay the last hour of school…so we came home and ate lunch before JB went to work.

Here they are with their awards (school and names not so cleverly blocked out.)

Awards DayAwards Day

Let the summer vacation begin!


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