The New Summer Plan

My kids have been out of school almost two weeks. During that two weeks, I’ve felt many times like I’m simply not going to survive this summer with my sanity intact.

I caught myself longing for last summer, when we were still pretty new here and the kids didn’t know too many other kids around here. They knew the girl across the street, and that was about it. Of course, she makes me crazy all by herself…so honestly, I was already dreading the summer starting this year because I knew she’d be over all the time.

I don’t know if there’s a notion that since I’m the SAHM I can handle all the kids during the day. That’s kind of what I’m feeling like, though. My house has suddenly become the kid hangout of the neighborhood, and I don’t like it. Our neighbor’s grandson comes knocking on our door very early in the morning, and doesn’t leave until I finally tell the kids it’s time to come in for dinner. The older boy two houses down came and spent some time here a couple days. Then there is another older boy who started riding his bike by the house multiple times a day, and now he’s ended up coming over to play. Of course there’s the girl across the street, who wants to buddy up to me half the time.

My house stays hot most of the day because they can’t decide if they want to stay inside or outside. It’s like a revolving door! They let in flies constantly, which makes me batty. The other day one little boy had managed to piss off several wasps and one of those got in the house when my daughter kept coming in and out. Yeah, it was really fun trying to take to care of that situation.

I can’t really clean, because five minutes later they’ve messed everything up again. I can’t get hardly any of my housework done during the day because I am THAT helicopter mom…it’s impossible for me to not be able to see or hear my kids when they are outside playing (another reason for the increased temp indoors…I end up opening windows or screen doors.)

And then suddenly they’re all hungry. What can I do? I can’t NOT feed them. Sometimes they run next door and get popsicles, but I end up giving them lunch. I don’t plan to feed the whole neighborhood all summer long.

When they play indoors, my kids’ rooms end up looking even worse than normal and they whine when I make them clean it up. One day, I went in to find my son’s bed moved to the middle of the dang room, junk covering every inch of the floor.

By the time my husband gets home, I am so completely frazzled. I have yet to have dinner cooked, none of my work is done, and I’m snapping everybody’s heads off if they so much as look at me the wrong way. So far, summer is totally not agreeing with me.

So…new plan. No kid other than my own two will be allowed in this house before 1 pm during the week. My kids won’t be allowed to go out and play with other kids before 1 pm during the week. (they can play out back on their own, but when other kids get involved they ALWAYS end up in my house.) By 1 pm, I expect the other children will have already been given lunch. I don’t mind giving them drinks at all. If it’s extra hot outside, and I know it eventually will be, I don’t mind them playing indoors in the kids’ rooms…but they will pick up whatever mess is made before they leave. By my 1 pm time, I should have time enough to get my cleaning, laundry, errands, and go to the gym. Then the rest of the day is theirs.

I think that’s plenty fair enough. Don’t you?


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