An Ocean of Calamine Lotion

This week, I have been consumed with poison ivy.

Not me, personally. It’s my son who apparently exposed himself to the hated plant.

It started Tuesday night…when I noticed a zit on his chin. Well, at least I thought it was a zit. He’s 10, and he’s had one or two in recent months, and that’s really how it looked to me at first. By Wednesday night, it looked like he scratched the hell out of that innocent zit. By Thursday, I was questioning the spot’s zit status, and had almost decided he’d gotten himself a case of ringworm (this is also when I remembered that I caught the kids playing in a sandy area of our side yard where Evil Kitteh and his buddy Tebow like to, erm, hang out.) JB put some anti-fungal stuff (usually reserved for his feet. And he wonders why I don’t go near his feet.) on the spot.

And then Friday morning, after I put my contacts in (remember, I’m practically blind without them) I decided to check out my son’s supposed spot of ringworm. It was no better. Then I spotted a weird area on his temple, just outside of his hairline. Then I saw a line of bumps on the bridge of his nose. And one tiny spot under his eye. Damn. So I called the ped’s office, got the runaround because “our” pediatrician goes to different offices on different days. I was not about to drive to Wilmington Island to see him (not to mention, I’m still new enough to the area that I don’t have the foggiest clue where that is) so we opted to see a different doc in the office closest to us.

And the verdict was, obviously, poison ivy. She said she could understand why we might have thought ringworm at first, from the initial spot on his chin, but everything else was linear. Under the bright lights of the exam room, we discovered more rash spots behind his ears.

Since then, I have been slathering him with calamine lotion several times a day, hydrocortisone when he’s itchy, and giving him Benedryl at night. Some of the spots are better, but in the last two days he’s developed more spots on his neck. As a desperate attempt at something new, I am making him go swim in the pool. Weirdly enough, that has made the itch stop and the spots look better.

I still have no idea where he got the poison ivy exposure in the first place. JB and the neighbor looked high and low around our houses and found nothing. We had been so many places over the last week though, so I guess there’s no telling, really.

I’ve never had poison ivy before. I’ve heard it’s bad. I just know it’s frustrating me to no end right now!

Funnies regarding this latest misadventure: The first thing that popped up when I Googled “poison ivy” was Uma Thurman. Absolutely not what I was looking for.

Uma as Poison Ivy


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