Mission (difficult, but not impossible)

I have spent much of this week trying to pull something together for my mother, in a small effort to make her feel better about a recent situation.

Some scrubby little dude working with their contractor on the never ending house renovation stole my mom’s camera sometime last week.

Mama isn’t very good about loading pictures from her camera to her computer, until she’s ready to have them printed. She is the spear head of her family reunions, planning everything right down to the letter. One of the favorite activities is looking through the huge stack of photo albums of family reunions past that she has painstakingly put together over the years.

Granted, the day of this year’s reunion, she was all up in my face with her camera, taking pictures for next year’s new photo album and it was highly annoying to me. That said, I would never have wanted her camera to be stolen, with all her reunion pictures on it, plus pictures of their home before renovation and different stages during renovation, and countless pictures of her grandchildren.

During this (hopefully) final stage of the home renovation, their house is a complete state of chaos. They are basically living out of the den, kitchen, and the one existing bathroom. All the bedrooms are being sheet rocked, painted, getting new windows, and in my old room the wood floor is being replaced. (This does not include the new bathroom and walk-in closet the size of my house being built.)

Naturally, with such upheaval, you can bet the den they are sleeping and living in is an enormous mess. So when my mom called me last week to say her camera was missing, I honestly thought she’d just misplaced it in the messy room. She suspected it had been lifted, and brought it to the contractor’s attention.

The contractor spoke with every worker who had been in the house that week, questioning them about the camera. No one confessed, of course. But one particular individual flubbed up when he called the guy he was living with to “bring his camera to him.” That set off an alarm with the guy, who didn’t understand how he had managed to spend that much money on a camera, so he called the contractor. Eventually, he went through the thief’s room in his house and found it, and handed it over to the contractor…who brought it back to my mom, all beat up by this point, with a dead battery, an AWOL strap, and a missing memory card.

In the meantime, I had done what any geek would do…I had his name and I went lookin’ on the internetz. I found his Facebook profile, and very seriously contemplated sending him a friend request, mostly to mess with him. But then I figured with my maiden name on my profile, he might just deny it anyway. So I refrained and was a good girl.

They devised a little confrontation for yesterday morning. The thief still didn’t realize he’d been busted, and they were trying to get the memory card back (hopefully with Mama’s pictures). They were planning to threaten him with a visit from the Sheriff if he didn’t give it back, because he was already on probation for something or other. Long, long story short, he finally produced the missing memory card…after admitting that he’d gone through and deleted all 250 pictures one by one (thus killing the battery), and had only managed to take a few pictures at some random kid’s birthday party.

Needless to say, the thief is out of a job. He also got kicked out of the house he was living in, because the owner said he didn’t want a thief staying in his home. I suspect that might be why my parents aren’t setting the cops on him, he’s already lost his job and home, they don’t want to send him to jail too. All over a camera! I have to admit, if it were me in the situation I would most certainly get the police involved…not just because he stole something from me, but because he violated my home and my possessions. (and I don’t know what he’s on probation for, but clearly he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.)

My mom’s temper got the best of her during the confrontation…hey, I do get it honestly. She said she was throwing the Ten Commandments at him, telling him he needed to get down on his knees and beg for His forgiveness. I’m trying to picture this scene in my head, and I get an image of my red faced Mama shaking her fist in this jerk’s face and him just standing there speechless.

So right now, my mission is trying to wrangle up pictures that were taken that day at the family reunion. I can’t replace all the others that she had on that memory card, but I have a long thread of messages between my aunts and cousins trying to get all their pictures added to the ones that I took that day. I have several people already blowing up my phone with picture texts, and there’s a few sitting in my email now.

There WILL be a 2011 Reunion photo album in that stack next year. I guarantee it.


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