Weekend in Review

We had a pretty busy weekend here…it most certainly wasn’t the relaxing, lazy Father’s Day weekend I had intended for my husband to have, that’s for sure.

I’ll actually start with Thursday…just a small little start to our happenings. That night, JB was at a meeting. My son and I were sitting in the kitchen, and saw our ancient cat shoot across our screened in back porch like lightening…straight out the cat door, around the front of the porch, stopped at the other side, and started bowing up at something. I went out to see what was up, because I haven’t seen that cat move that fast in years. I didn’t have my contacts in, and I had to send my son back inside to get my glasses because my blind self couldn’t see what the heck the cat was flipping out about. Once my glasses were on, I spotted the small head, then the body, of a snake curled around some flower pots. I wouldn’t have normally called JB out of his meeting, but I started calling, texting, everything…no answer. My son and I had to get creative in keeping Gizmo away from the snake…because he was going to keep on until he got bitten. I kept my eyes on it, so if it started moving I’d know where it was for JB to slaughter the damn thing when he got home. An hour later, we were getting rid of the remains of a water moccasin. Just two hours before this, my kids had been running all over the back yard and swimming.

Friday, I dragged two very reluctant kids to four stores. Two grocery, one Walmart, and one CVS. They weren’t so thrilled with Mama. We (meaning, I) spent the rest of the afternoon putting together our present for JB’s Father’s Day. It was basically a scrapbook page, framed, featuring a picture of JB with the kids. It turned out well, even though it wasn’t nearly what I had in mind. He loved it anyway, and that’s what matters. (There’s a pic of it on my Facebook, if you are friends with me there.)

Friday evening, my in-laws came for a visit. The intention for this trip was for my FIL to help JB get rid of the dead oak tree that was recently struck by lightening. We had gotten several (high) estimates for having it removed, and JB kept saying he knew he could do this himself if he just had the right equipment. So FIL got that right equipment and came here to help. I had visions of the mishaps of Home Improvement in my head, but everything went well. So we (JB, me, and my in-laws) spent ALL day Saturday cutting down the dead tree, cleaning up the debris, and collecting lots of firewood. They decided while they were at it, to trim up several low hanging limbs of other trees, so MIL and I got to clean that up and get the firewood from those too. At one point, we thought FIL was just riding my son around on the tractor…and then we realized he was actually clearing the land at the back of our property. This is something we have wanted to do since we moved here, because it looked like a jungle back there…and it would double the size of our back yard. (Don’t ask me why the idiot previous owner fenced off half the property.) So it was a very LONG, very HOT, very tiring day.

Oh, I forgot to mention…early Saturday morning, JB killed a copperhead snake in the front yard. And then Saturday afternoon, MIL found a rat snake in the area we had been cleaning up about a half hour before. To say that I don’t want to walk outside right now would be an enormous understatement.

We all went out to eat Saturday night, at a seafood restaurant JB had been wanting to go to for a while. After waiting for a table for over 45 minutes, I was less than impressed…but our waitress was awesome, and the food was delish. So it ended up being an okay dinner.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. For one thing, we were all so exhausted and sore from all the previous day’s work. I’m still sore and sunburned now.

It’s now a joke around here that I’m a true redneck now. Um, because that’s the only part of me that got sunburned. Hardy har har.


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