Weekend In Review

Yeah, so it’s Wednesday. It’s my blog and that’s how I roll.

My parents came here for a visit this past weekend. It was a relatively non eventful visit. They actually slept most of Saturday…I suppose the drive wore them out. They left Sunday afternoon, because my dad needed to get home and get packed for his week long trip to Pennsylvania to give a training class for his company. He got to board a plane for his birthday (which was yesterday).

We didn’t really do much for the holiday, really. Our new neighbors sure did, they set off fireworks ALL. FREAKING. WEEKEND. So by the time the actual 4th rolled around, I was just about fireworked out. But we headed downtown Monday night, braved the insane crowds, and staked out a supposedly great spot to watch 20 minutes of fireworks for the kids. Um, next year I know to either just plop down in the middle of River St. or just go across the river altogether.

July 4th Collage

I essentially had a firework hangover yesterday, and did absolutely nothing. The smoky air from the nearby wildfires is back with a vengeance, meaning my asthmatic self is also not stepping outside unless absolutely necessary. I miss you, pool time. Someday we will be together again.

Correction. I did do something yesterday. I finally got around to installing Photoshop on the laptop I got for my birthday back in, oh, late March. So I now get to play with my photos, collages, and fonts. Happy girl I am.


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