Feeding the Inner Geek

So this week, I have embraced my inner geek girl and got started with new  techy projects.

Google+First…Google +. Google’s version of Facebook, I suppose. When I first read about it, I honestly was thinking, yet another social media thing to do…no thank you. But then I got an invite, signed in, played around, and I’m sort of in love with it. (it probably helps that Facebook forced us into “The faster way to message” crap, which absolutely sucks, like so many of their so called improvements.) The only downside is that it still isn’t officially OPEN to the public, so it’s a little slow with fewer people on it. If you still need an invite, let me know and I will shoot one over to you!

Next up is Klout. I don’t pretend to understand exactly how this thing works. It tells me I’m influential about moms, movies, and shopping…two of those subjects make me laugh! But at any rate…this last week, I’ve been checking out the Klout Perks I’m eligible for. And currently, I’m working my way through an audio book I was able to download, and there’s been a couple others that I’ve been able to get, too.

One of those perks was signing up for an account with Spotify. The desktop app automatically found all my iTunes lists and music, and there’s a phone app that I’m now using. (This rocks my socks, because Pandora and Slacker have been failing me tremendously lately, and my radio apps drain my battery. Spotify to the rescue!) I spent way too much time today searching for tunes to add to my playlists. You should definitely check it out!


Fun all around Smile


2 thoughts on “Feeding the Inner Geek

    • LOL! I know I don’t talk about movies and shopping very often…those just baffle me! I actually think you and I talked about eczema on Twitter…that one time!

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