Gainfully Employed

Thursday morning, I took the kids to my husband’s office, so that he could watch them long enough for me to go to my job interview. I think mostly they stayed in the conference room and played Webkinz…but it must have been fun and exciting because they want to go hang out at Daddy’s office again soon!

I got to the place early…which was a very good thing because parking seems to be an issue there. I drove around for 10 minutes looking for an open parking space. Got checked in at Human Resources, waited for the recruiter to come out to take me to the actual interview…and then it was on.

Since the area I was interviewing for works very closely with another area, I had to interview with the managers of both places. Even though it definitely makes sense, I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I got very nervous knowing I’d have to impress not one, but two managers. Well, I ended up speaking with one manager for about an hour and a half, and she wasn’t the manager of the place I was technically interviewing for. But by the end of the interview, things had taken a turn in such a way that I felt like I was being considered for two positions, one in each of their areas.

I left the interview feeling pretty darn good about it. I truly enjoyed talking to the managers, especially the one I spent the most time with. I really liked what I heard about the areas, the job itself, and the organization. I met quite a few of the people working there, and everybody seemed friendly enough. My “accent” was placed by one of them…she is from a place about half an hour from the place I grew up. I guess I never realized that I definitely don’t sound like most people around here.

Friday morning, I got registered for a necessary class, and around noonish I called the recruiter to let her know I was registered for it. She told me at that time she hadn’t yet heard from either of the managers. I’ll be honest, I’ve never finished a job interview and not been offered the job right there on the spot…so even though I felt good about how it had gone, I was a little worried (even though I know that’s not really the norm). I kept telling myself that it was okay, because they were probably just discussing which area they wanted me for. Positive thinking, right??

So I left for my family reunion weekend in my hometown around 3 pm. My mom and I were very busy, but we talked about the interview and how it went…and she was absolutely sure they wouldn’t have spent that much time with me if they weren’t going to offer me the job.

When I got home late Sunday afternoon, my husband casually mentioned after I had finished unpacking that there was a message on the answering machine for me from the recruiter. She must have called sometime after 3 pm Friday. I didn’t think to give her my cell number because I had just talked to her. So first thing this morning, I called her back…and she had a job offer for me! Funny thing is, it isn’t the position I was called in to interview for, and it isn’t the other position I thought they were considering me for. They felt that I would be a good fit with their high risk area, given my previous experience with that. It’s a full time spot, instead of the part time position I was initially interviewing for. Still nights, but I’ll manage that and it will be better for the kids, I think.

I have a class on August 5th (the day after the kids go back to school), health screen and new hire stuff on August 8th, and then I start orientation August 15th!


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